The Choice of mRNA cannot be Defended

The COVID vaccine study co-authored by Dr. Christine Stabell Benn that I discussed in April 2022 has finally been published.  The study looked at the various COVID vaccines over a longer period than the 6 month fraudulent studies produced by the manufacturers to get emergency use authorization.  Instead of focusing solely on COVID this study considered overall mortality.

A medication that does not reduce overall mortality should never be approved yet sadly not all COVID vaccines reduced overall mortality.  In fact there was a wide difference in outcomes with a clear winner and a clear loser.  The clear winner was Johnson and Johnson and the loser was Pfizer.  Over the study period J&J reduced overall mortality while Pfizer increased mortality.  You read that correctly, Pfizer killed more than they saved although the difference was not statistically significant.

It does not surprise me that one treatment might be better than the other.  J&J and Pfizer use different technologies and doses.  J&J is a single dose using an adenovirus as a delivery mechanism while the Pfizer mRNA technology is multiple doses using lipid nanoparticles.  What I find much more interesting is something that the study does not address; which one did we use more often?

The most effective vaccine J&J was the least used of the 4 major vaccines.  Pfizer the most deadly of the 4 choices was used the most by a very wide margin.

As I mentioned these results were already out in preprint by Q2 2022 yet governments everywhere continued to use the vaccine with the worst track record.  People given the J&J vaccine were even coerced into taking a Pfizer booster.  There was a better choice and government did not take it.  You should be asking why?

I still maintain that the best choice was always to do nothing for anyone other than high risk groups.  Even the J&J vaccine did not prevent infection or transmission so there was still no public health benefit.  For low risk people COVID was easily as survivable as the vaccine.

None of the vaccines made any sense if you do not consider profits and kickbacks.  The mRNA vaccines were more expensive to buy, store, and transport than the Adenovirus vaccines.  They did not make sense scientifically or financially.  You were robbed of your taxes and your health.  This was a crime.