The Best COVID Jab is not the one we are using

A few months ago I saw Dr. Peter McCullough testify before congress.  During his testimony he asked a very important question.  If we want everyone to take the Jab why is no one trying to determine if one Jab might be superior to the others?  If the only solution is the Jab shouldn’t we be concerned about which jab to take?  After all not all treatments are created equal.  Well someone has finally done that research and the clear winner is Johnson and Johnson.

The study followed nearly 200,000 people split almost evenly between vaccine and placebo groups.  Johnson and Johnson was the only vaccine to have no COVID deaths in the Vaccine group but that is not the most important part.  The important part was that the Johnson and Johnson Jab eliminated COVID deaths without increasing deaths from other causes.  That did not happen with any other manufacturers.

The mRNA vaccines were the worst.  Both Pfizer and Moderna did reduce COVID deaths but every COVID death prevented came at the cost of a death from another cause, usually heart attack.  This terrible performance is not at all surprising.  Pfizer’s own trial showed more deaths in the vaccine group than in the placebo group yet somehow a vaccine that increased overall mortality got approved because it decreased COVID mortality.  Apparently the FDA views a COVID death as somehow more tragic than any other death.

Incredibly, this study still makes the mRNA vaccines look better than they really are.  We are only one year in to this and new research shows mRNA vaccines significantly increase risk of future heart attacks.

The mRNA vaccines are not done killing yet.  People will continue to die from vaccine induced heart disease for years to come.  The final tally on the mRNA vaccines will show that every COVID death prevented came at the cost of more than one cardiovascular death yet this still does not paint the full picture of the carnage.

Not all vaccine injuries result in death.  Heart attacks, strokes, and nerve damage that do not kill can still produce permanent life altering disabilities.  Thousands of these types of injuries have already been reported.  The study showed that for an mRNA vaccine to prevent a single COVID death, 12,500 people must be jabbed.  That is 12,500 people who must take the risk of death or permanent disability to prevent a single COVID death.  How can a vaccine that does not prevent a single death (overall) and puts thousands at risk of permanent disability be approved?

I wish this was as bad as it gets but sadly it is not.  We must consider that COVID deaths occur in elderly ill people.  People who are unlikely to survive the next flu season, especially when you consider the flu vaccines are as ineffective, but thankfully less deadly, as the COVID vaccines.

This is what makes mass vaccination with mRNA vaccines such incredibly poor public health policy.  The number of years of life preserved is far lower than the number of years of life lost.  Even if these jabs prevented transmission, which they definitely do not do, this would still be a poor trade.  The jabs should have always been voluntary.  High risk seniors may still have accepted the risk for the chance of one more Christmas with their unjabbed family.