The escalation Continues

The COVID vaccines provide no public health benefit.  They do not prevent infection or transmission.  This may be hard for the virtue signaling COVIDiots to hear, but your vaccine does not protect others.  In fact the overall impact of the COVID vaccines, and in particular the mRNA vaccines, is negative.  Our health care systems will be busy treating vaccine injuries for years to come.  Unfortunately this obvious lack of public health benefit has not kept COVID vaccines from becoming public health policy.

Germany just tried to make COVID vaccines mandatory for people over 50.  Thankfully that vote was lost by a significant margin.  I doubt this will deter the German COVIDiots because direct legislation is not the only way governments get what they want.  Vaccine coercion is much more prevalent that vaccine legislation.  Governments are very adept at using corporations to do their dirty work.  Denying medical services to unvaccinated has been used but this story takes it to another level.  Hospitals are now denying medical treatment because someone else is not vaccinated.

The Cleveland clinic is refusing to perform a kidney transplant for a sick 9 year old because the donor (his father) is unvaccinated.  The father does not need a vaccine.  He has already had COVID and even produced a T cell test to prove it.  The clinic is not swayed by science, because this is not about science, public health, or even the personal health of their young patient.  This is about compliance and the message is clear.  Get vaccinated or watch your child die a slow death.

Two years later, 2 weeks to flatten the curve evolved in to threatening the lives of children to force capitulation to government.