The Great Reset is moving ahead at full Throttle.

A necessary condition for the great reset is elimination of private property.  They don’t even try to hide that goal.

So exactly why is private property “unsustainable”?  The sustainability argument has always been misleading.  How do you determine what is and is not sustainable?  Since the earth is 4.5 billion years old doesn’t that tell us everything that has happened up until now has been sustainable?

If private property is not sustainable does that mean property is rapidly decreasing?  Will eliminating property rights result in a rapid rebound in property numbers?  Of course not, that is absurd.  There will always be property and it will always be owned by someone.  Klaus is really saying property will be owned by government and you will pay rent just as the King owned all land and serfs paid him rent to use it.

The great reset is not a jump forward it is a step back in to feudalism and Klaus Schwab acolytes are busy working to confiscate private property.  The Ontario government is ushering in a police state to facilitate confiscating private property at any time for any reason.


I really like how the government minister justified this unconstitutional law.  Remember this is a government that shut down the economy and caused irreparable damage for 2 years, but the real problem to them is protesters who disrupted commerce for a few days.  According to Doug Ford the constitution must be violated to ensure that negatively impacting the economy is exclusively the domain of government.

It is not just in Canada where the government is openly discussing confiscating property.  This is from Ireland.

Now who could object to that?  Giving up your home to house Ukrainian Women and Children displaced by war is virtuous isn’t it?  Well I would like to introduce you to these unfortunate Ukrainian refugees.


The war in Syria produced real refugees along with a flood of fake ones.  Now we are seeing the same with the Ukrainian war.  The fake refugees are predominantly military age men from the Middle East.  They are obviously not refugees yet the first time they were all allowed to stay just as these fake refugees will be allowed to stay.

When the Government takes your home and gives it to a group of military age men from an indeterminate country do you really think you will ever get it back?  It started with cold and flu season and now has progressed to property confiscation.  Remember when the government takes your property that you have no one to blame but yourself.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Great post Richard.
    It is shocking even to a cynic like me that the govt can even think about taking someone’s home just because they are not currently sleeping in the bed.

    How can any sane person think this is a good thing? Since Magna Carta, it has taken 800 years to slowly build our society with the rights we have. Untold millions lost their lives and were millions more subjected to horrific treatment to fight for rights. Property rights are the most fundamental of all rights. Property ownership is the fruit of one’s labour. Take away a man’s property and you take away the produce of his labour. You make him a slave. Is this really what we want?

    How did everything get inverted overnight? Why won’t people wake up and just say no?

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