Not safe, and not worth the Risk

This morning I found and article detailing the trouble 2 women have had finding help for their vaccine injuries.  Both women suffered nerve damage.  One woman took AstraZeneca the other Pfizer.  The article was very sensitive to the women’s plight but did take the time to let you know that while serious vaccine injuries were rare.

At the same time, public-health authorities, anxious to promote vaccination, played down risks that were real if rare

That statement is true but in keeping with the standard of modern journalism it is also very misleading.  Rare is a comparative word.  Compared to the number of people who received the jabs severe reactions are rare.  Compared to the track record of other vaccines and medical treatments, COVID vaccine injuries are not rare.  This is obvious when you consult the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).  Injuries from the COVID vaccines dwarf the total of all injuries from all other vaccines.

And VAERS is just the tip of the iceberg.  There has been a coordinated effort to manipulate VAERS data by eliminating injury records.  One of the victims is an MD and she tried to report her injuries to VAERS 9 times without success.

She says she filed nine reports with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or Vaers, the government surveillance system that is supposed to track possible side effects, and “nobody has ever contacted me.” She also filed reports with Pfizer, which she says didn’t respond.

This is the state of science in the 21st century.  A single hot day or storm is irrefutable proof CO2 is destroying the planet but millions of vaccine injuries are not proof the COVID jabs are unsafe.  In science the purpose of experiments and data collection is not to prove your theory, it is an attempt to refute your theory.  Millions of pieces of supporting data are inconsequential if there is one single data point that does not fit.

It does not matter how many people got jabbed without complications.  That is does not prove the hypothesis that the jabs are safe.  What matters is how many people were injured.  With the COVID vaccines we have millions of data points that say the vaccines are not safe.

The question always should have been are the risks worth it?  Still, more than 2 years later no one is asking that question.  No one is asking because everyone already knows the answer.  The Jabs are not safe and are not worth the risk.