The futility of Elections

A couple days ago this great short clip on the club of Rome was posted on twitter.  The Club of Rome was a bunch of rich people who believed that they were special and therefore should rule the world.


That clip was from 50 years ago and even though the players have changed the game has remained the same.  Rich powerful people have managed to place themselves above governments.  They determine policy and hand it down to useful idiots like Justin Trudeau.


People you do not vote for and do not know are the ones making all the decisions.  Governments just enforce the decisions.  That is why you were subject to COVID house arrest and cameras are being installed to enforce 15 minute prisons.  No one voted for any of that but we got it anyway.  We can vote for different politicians but the moment our rights infringe on the “plan” we will lose them again.

This will continue until we stand up en-masse and say no.  Sadly I think COVID told us that will not happen.  The new kings and queens of the 21st century will continue to rule from the shadows without opposition.

It is worth noting that none of the computer model predictions from 1973 came to pass.  The people behind the curtain are not special.  They are not smarter than you are me.  Given their unblemished record of being wrong 100% of the time, we can conclude they really are not all that smart; but they are dangerous.  Stupid people, who think they are smart, or worse think they are gods, are very dangerous.