When don’t Citizens matter?

Theoretically a government has an obligation to their citizens.  That obligation is very simple, enact policies that benefit the largest number of citizens possible.  There is great debate about what those policies might be.  Should the government re-distribute wealth or should they stay out of the way and allow people to create their own wealth.  It is an ideological debate with the same end point; benefiting citizens.

That is the theory, here is the reality.  Very few modern politicians believe they have any obligation to the citizens of their country.  For them the world is inverted.  Modern politicians believe their obligation is to the citizens of other countries.  Why else would they allow unrestricted illegal migration?

There is a deluge of people pouring over the American southern border.  Instead of treating these people for what they are, intruders, the US government is treating them as invited guests.  Taxpayers are paying to house these intruders in hotels all over the country and there are hundreds of thousands of them.  In New York alone 50% of the hotel rooms are occupied by migrants.

In 2019 there were 138,000 hotel rooms in New York City.  69,000 rooms with multiple people in each room means that in New York alone there are likely more than 200,000 intruders living off taxpayers.  Has anyone stopped to think about what this is costing?  There is of course the obvious cost of the hotel rooms but has anyone considered how many jobs will be lost due to this?

There are a lot of hotel rooms in NYC because normally a lot of people travel to NYC.  Hotel owners have no problem filling their rooms without freeloading invaders.  Normally these rooms are full of tourists and business people.  People who stay a short time.  The rooms get turned over regularly which requires and army of maids, laundry staff, bell hops, etc.  Not only do the normal occupants stay for a short period but they move around NYC spending a lot of money in restaurants, bars, shops, galleries, and theatres.  Those days of supporting thousands of jobs are over.

The rooms are now full of long term residents who do not go to restaurants or the theaters.  How long do you think it will be before these businesses start laying off staff?  This is not different than the lockdowns.  Wealthy political elite are pursuing their own selfish agenda.  Their agenda will be paid for by people with less than them.

Anything they do not get punished for they will do again.  In 2020 we allowed these sociopaths to classify waiters, maids, and bartenders as non-essential and force them in to unemployment.  For the greater good the lowest rung of the productive economic ladder were deemed expendable.  Here we are in 2023 and they are doing it again.  Gaining what they want at the expense of people who can afford it the least.  How many times will we allow them to do this before we say no?