NATO membership was never really on the table, only War

For years there was talk of accepting Ukraine in to NATO.  However, the idea was never seriously considered by NATO because Ukraine never met the criteria for NATO membership.  Specifically Ukraine was far too corrupt to be accepted in to NATO.

You cannot admit a corrupt country in to a military alliance.  Strategies and capabilities must remain secret not sold to the highest bidder.  There is not a single secret that Ukrainian officials would not sell and everyone knows that.  Ukraine’s corruption is not a secret.  Dozens of politically connected families like the Bidens did “business” in the Ukraine; attracted to the corruption like a fly to shit.

Talk of NATO membership was always just a stick to poke Putin with.  Putin was clear Russia would not tolerate a NATO country as large as Ukraine on their border.  Putin’s warnings were never taken seriously because no one took Ukraine’s NATO membership seriously.  Common knowledge was that Ukraine would never be given NATO membership.

Then Joe Biden got installed in the White House and all that changed.  2023 was the date set for Ukraine NATO membership.  This change in policy was not because Ukraine had suddenly reformed and was no longer corrupt.  Ukraine is still the most corrupt country in Europe and would be a dangerous and unreliable ally.  There was only one reason to set 2023 as a date for Ukrainian membership; to provoke a war with Russia no later than 2022.

We can speculate for hours about why political insiders wanted a war in the Ukraine without identifying every reason but one thing is certain; they wanted a war and they got one.  Whatever their objective was initially it seems the war is not turning out the way they had hoped.  The war was provoked by offering NATO membership and now it seems that offer is off the table.  German Chancellor Sholz is now publicly admitting that the Ukraine does not meet the requirements for NATO membership.

At the end of the meeting of G7 nations in Japan, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Sunday that Ukraine currently does not meet the requirements to join the NATO alliance.

Chancellor Sholtz is just admitting the obvious.  The Ukraine will never be part of NATO and there was never a reason for this war.  The narrative on the Ukraine is slowly changing.  It looks like some NATO members want out of this unnecessary war before it escalates.  Pulling their support means pulling their money and unless the US is willing to step up and do this without NATO the war will end quickly.

Zelensky knows this and is on a world tour to shore up support for the war.  But there could be a dual purpose to his world tour.  Travelling the globe is a convenient excuse not to be in the Ukraine when it finally falls to Russia.  The next few months will be very interesting.  NATO could fracture in to pieces and Ukraine fall to Russia.  Or NATO doubles down and we get dragged in to WW3.