COVID Fall Out

When the first lockdown was announced I thought government was taking us down a road that in the end they would rather that we did not travel.  The last thing any government wants is for people to notice and question what they are doing.  COVID stupidity was so over the top it woke up some who normally choose ignorance.  In the long run this great awakening could be disastrous for government.

I have never been among the blissfully ignorant majority.  I have always known the government and media were lying and have always been curious enough to seek out the data to draw my own conclusions.  Despite my natural cynicism, COVID taught me that even I was sleep-walking.  Things were worse than I knew and the lies were more abundant than I ever acknowledged.

Take Vaccines for instance.  Before COVID I did not pay much attention to vaccines.  I accepted the narrative that vaccines were essential and safe.  Then my research in to the COVID vaccines led me to doubt more than the COVID vaccines.

Prior to COVID I never took a yearly flu vaccine.  Not because I did not trust them but because I did not think I needed it so I never made time to get it.  I discovered during COVID that no intermuscular vaccine provides immunity to a reparatory virus and that there is no correlation between how many people take the flu vaccine and how many people wind up admitted to the hospital for influenzas.  The Flu vaccines are a yearly ritual with no positive outcome; they do not work.

Previously I also dismissed “anti-vaxxers” who linked autism and other childhood maladies to vaccines.  Over the last 2 years I have discovered that their case is much stronger than anyone wants to admit.  Recently I discovered this paper showing a strong correlation between the number of vaccines a child receives and the number of health issue they experience.

A positive correlation between the number of vaccine doses and IMRs is detectable in the most highly developed nations but attenuated in the background noise of nations with heterogeneous socioeconomic variables that contribute to high rates of infant mortality, such as malnutrition, poverty, and substandard health care.

Basically vaccines only look good when you compare wealthy nations to third world countries that have far more serious problems than lack of vaccinations.  When wealthy countries are analyzed as a sub group childhood vaccination does not look good.

Government wants me to trust vaccination which I no longer do.  They also want me to trust government.  I never really trusted government before but COVID taught me that I still trusted government far too much.  I thought there were at least some good apples; I was wrong.

Only a handful of politicians in a country of 38 million opposed COVID mandates.  Many of them did not speak out because they were making money off of the mandates.  But not all of them made money off the mandates so why didn’t they speak out?  I have come to realize that even though the corruption is concentrated at the top they all aspire to reach that level of corruption.  No one will speak out because they all want their turn at the trough.  They do not want to upset a system that gives them an opportunity to become rich at taxpayers’ expense.

COVID was a painfully enlightening experience.  It even taught cynics that they were not cynical enough.  I am not sure this was the outcome government anticipated when they placed the entire country under house arrest during cold and flu season.