Net Zero is not possible

Climate Science is not rooted in reality and neither are Climate policies.  Most countries have set a target of net zero by before 2050.  This is an impossible pipe dream and up until now no one has been brave enough to say it.

Exxon disagreed, and said the world is not on a path to achieve net-zero emissions in 2050 as limiting energy production to levels below consumption demand would lead to a spike in energy prices, as observed in Europe following oil sanctions against Russia over Ukraine.

The above message from Exxon will no doubt be dismissed because of the source but what Exxon just said is the absolute truth.  Barring some new technologically revolution, there is no way to be net zero by 2050.  We do not have the technology or the money to replace nearly 85% of the worlds energy supply.

Fossil fuels (gas, coal, and oil) make up 77% of the world’s energy.  Biomass which for all purposes is no different than fossil fuels is another 7%.  Solar and wind combined are only 6%.  There is no way windmills and solar panels will every make up the difference by 2050 especially when you consider solar is still currently uneconomic.  Many people are installing solar now because of the available government subsidies but even with the subsidies solar is uneconomic.

The Energy Pay-Back time for roof-top solar generation of electricity is 22 to 24 years for Melbourne, 14 to 15 years for Perth, and 14 years for Alice Springs.

A payout of 14 years is no payout.  Because of inflation, money saved 14 years from now is not worth the same as money spent today to install solar.  When you factor in time value of money solar is uneconomic even with the government subsidies.  It is a sure fire money loser without the subsidies.

Even some politicians are starting to admit that it probably can’t be done.  As part of Canada’s strategy all coal fired generation is supposed to be discontinued by 2035.  Coal currently accounts for 25% of the world’s energy and in the province of Saskatchewan it is 41%.  Saskatchewan is extremely hot in the summer and brutally cold in the winter.  Shutting down these Coal generation stations will actually cause starvation and deaths due to temperature extremes.  Incredibly Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has decided he killed enough people with his COVID policies and he is not willing to kill any more with climate policies.

“I want to be very clear about this. In Saskatchewan, we will not attempt the impossible when it comes to power production in our province. We will not risk plunging our homes, our schools, our hospitals, our special care homes, our businesses into the cold and darkness because of the ideological whims of others. We will not increase power costs for our businesses and for our families to the point they become completely unaffordable. If we were to do that, we wouldn’t grow anything in Saskatchewan. We wouldn’t move anything. We wouldn’t go anywhere. And we’d get awful cold in a hurry. Saskatchewan must have affordable and reliable electricity available on demand.”

Climate science is political science.  CO2 simply cannot increase the earth’s temperature much more than it already has.  And even if CO2 could do the things the climate cult fears, we can’t do anything about it anyway.  Far more people would die from lack of energy than will ever die from hot weather.  So why do government’s insist on dragging us down this destructive path?  For the same reason those sociopaths do anything; money, power, and control.

Governments have convinced people that climate change is a problem and taxes are the solution.  These taxes are quite lucrative.  In Canada the Trudeau liberals increase the carbon tax each year and in some provinces the Carbon tax alone increases the cost of a liter of gas by $0.61 ($2.30/gallon).  This plus taxes on home heating syphons thousands per year out of each family’s resources.

When the analysis of the two reports is combined, a middle-income family in Ontario will be paying $1,771 per year more due to both charges by 2030. In Manitoba, that combined tax increase amounts to $1,130, while in Saskatchewan it works out to $1,213 annually and $1,859 in Alberta.

With carbon taxes Trudeau will eventually reduce every family’s net income to zero.  That is the real purpose of this climate charade; to transfer all of your money to the government.  It is wealth transfer plain and simple.  COVID was not about a virus and climate policy is not about the climate.  Are you starting to get the picture yet?

If you like being poor sit back and say nothing.  If not you better speak up now because no one is coming to help.  In Canada our completely corrupt courts have already ruled that they are firmly in the government’s corner.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Ottawa had the authority to do that because climate change was a serious threat and emissions did not respect provincial borders.

This is another reason government will never give up on this climate scam.  Since CO2 does not respect borders government doesn’t have to either.  There will always be a bureaucrat claiming they have jurisdiction over everything because CO2 is everywhere.  These sociopaths will continue to use plant food as a reason to take more money and more power for as long as we let them.  How about we start saying no?