Dr. David Martin has the Receipts

Regular readers of this blog know that I do not think COVID accidentally escaped the lab.  I believe the evidence supports a conclusion the release was intentional.  The lockdowns, masks, and vaccines were not a cascade of errors made out of fear.  It was all part of a well-crafted plan.

My conclusions were based on political, logistical, and timing considerations.  Dr. David Martin used a completely different data set and came to exactly the same conclusion.  The pandemic was carefully planned.  The SARs COV-2 virus is a bioweapon.  Several governments coordinated efforts to use the bioweapon against their perceived enemies; their own citizens.


The COVID pandemic was the result of years of careful planning and research.  Nearly 7 million people died from COVID and by some estimates at least that many have now died from the COVID vaccines.  This was murder on an industrial scale.  The entire Pandemic was a conspiracy to commit murder; the largest, deadliest criminal conspiracy in history.

What has happened up until today is beyond terrible yet it is not as bad as what is happening right now.  We are letting them get away with it.  The sociopaths behind this profited from killing millions of people.  They got what they wanted so why wouldn’t they do it again?  We will have another pandemic largely because we did not jail the people who caused this one.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Just when I think I have a handle on the depths of the evil involved, there is another deeper layer revealed.

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