The West is led by Morons and Traitors

For those of you who don’t know it yet China is not our friend.  China is emerging as “The” global superpower and preparing to take back Taiwan.  You would think this would be of some concern to Western leaders but China is staying under the radar while western leaders lecture each other on Trans’ rights.

China has been preparing for global domination for a long time and part of the preparations is infiltrating western Countries.  Canada is of particular interest to China not because Canada is important but because the US is.  Canada shares the world’s longest undefended border with The US.  For years China has been placing assets in Canada and now Canada has a disproportionately high number of Chinese spies diplomats.

A comparative analysis of Chinese foreign representatives in Western democracies by CTV News reveals the disproportionate attention China places on Canada. According to some national security experts, the disproportionate numbers could indicate diplomatic influence has tipped over into interference.

I have no doubt that China would have continued to place spies in Canada with Justin Trudeau’s consent but Joe Biden made Canada unimportant by opening the southern border.  The US now has 2 long undefended borders and Chinese nationals are flooding across the Southern border with Mexico.


The Chinese nationals are all military age men.  They fit, affluent, and educated; in short they are not refugees.  Some of these men are spies.  Many more are undoubtedly Chinese Special Forces.  As tensions escalate in Europe with China’s ally Russia, US border officials are letting in thousands of military age Chinese men without a sideways glance.

This is insane and it is only a matter of time before something bad happens.  In fact it appears things are already well underway.  30 tons of fertilizer has been stolen from a train in the US.  Fertilizer can be used to make bombs.  Timothy McVeigh did this in Oklahoma with only 2 tons of fertilizer, parked outside the building.

How much damage do you think trained Special Operatives can do with 30 tones placed in a more optimal location?  Something bad is about to happen and the US government knows it.  My guess is they expect an attack on communication infrastructure.  That would certainly explain why they gave ½ of the senators satellite phones.

I find it curious that only 50% received Satellite phones.  The senate in the US is evenly split republican to Democrat.  What do you want to bet it was the Democrats who received phones?  You might draw different conclusions, but when I see a Democrat administration allow military age men from a hostile nation to enter illegally, and then hand out Sat phones to Democrats, I smell a rat.  Is the Biden administration cooperating or at least allowing the Chinese to attack America from within?