Only Punishment will stop Them

Cold and Flus season is approaching in the southern hemisphere and you know what that means in our new world order.  It is Vaccine season down under.  This short clip of Victoria, Australia Premier Dan Andrews was posted on twitter yesterday.


Every time Dan Andrews opens his mouth I find myself asking the same question; stupid or evil?  Is he a psychopath or is he really that stupid.  Why on earth would anyone take another shot when he just admitted that people who have already taken 4 shots are not protected?  What is the magic number Dan?  How many shots must you take to finally be protected?

If you have taken multiple shots and you are told that you are still vulnerable I think it is time to consider that the shots might not work.  Or, as Pierre Kory puts it “these vaccines saved no one”.


Dan Andrews is urging people to get a shot that does not work.  Even if it had worked there was no reason for most people to take it 2 years ago and even less now.  Andrews is correct, winter is coming and cases are increasing but moving from almost zero to a bit more than almost zero is hardly a crisis.  The Chart below is from the Australian government COVID website.  It shows clearly COVID deaths are very low and hardly increasing.

COVID was never a problem until government made it a problem.  It is even less of a problem now but these morons/killers will not stop.  In England they have approved COVID vaccines for Children 5 and under.  COVID does not affect Children.  Why the hell would any sane person do this?

Profit, Stupidity, Homicidal tendencies; whatever their motivation clearly they do not intend to ever stop.  Thankfully the average person has had enough.  While no one will admit taking the first jab was a mistake, it is clear the people understand that it was and are not willing to do it again.  Reports are surfacing all over the world about vaccine doses expiring due to low demand.

It is not enough at this point to just say no.  Too many like Dan Andrews still hold the power to mandate vaccinations for imaginary emergencies.  They need to be punished or they will not stop.