Not surprisingly Independent Thinkers do not support War

I found this interesting graphic on twitter.  It is the results of a Canadian survey about attitudes toward the Ukraine war.  The answers were grouped in 2 categories; vaccinated and unvaccinated.  There is a stark contrast between the 2 groups.

According to the Toronto Star newspaper the poll shows that “vaccine refusers” sympathize with Russia.

The EKOS survey — conducted from March 9 to March 13 and using a random sample of 1,035 Canadians — concludes that a “plurality of vaccine refusers are much more sympathetic to Russia.

The Star is of course lying to support the government narrative.  The poll did not ask where anyone’s sympathies lie, it just asked how we should participate.  The Star assumes that anyone who does not want Canada to participate is a Putin sympathizer.  My interpretation is somewhat different than the Star’s.  Unvaccinated people are independent thinkers who do their own research and did not blindly accept the government narrative on COVID or the vaccines.  Those same independent thinkers also don’t accept the Government narrative on the Ukraine.

This will come to a surprise to the people at the Star but it is possible to sympathize with the Ukraine and still want to stay out of this mess.  The Ukraine war never should have happened.  In 2013 Ukraine had a peaceful relationship with Russia.  In fact Russia was the Ukraine’s largest trading partner.  This peaceful cooperation with Russia did not fit US policy positions so the CIA financed a coup and encouraged anti-Russian sentiment.  Now Ukraine is at war.

According to the media and popular opinion you are a Putin stooge if you do not support sending weapons to the Ukraine but what good are those weapons doing?  Will they help Ukraine win the war or will they just get more Ukrainians killed?  That is a legitimate question that it seems only the unvaccinated are asking.

The hive narrative is that the Ukraine is winning and as long as we keep sending weapons their victory is assured.  We hang on to that narrative even as we watch Russia conquer more and more territory.  Russia recently took the city of Bakhmut.  The media wants us to believe that even though Bakhmut fell it is more evidence that Russia is losing because it took them longer than it should have to take the city.  The numbers and facts tell a very different story.

Bakhmut was defended by 80,000 Ukrainians.  The Russians attacked with 50,000 soldiers.  There is no way that 80,000 soldiers in fortified positions should have been routed by only 50,000 attackers especially not poorly trained attackers which the Russians were.  According to the Wagner boss his mercenary army the Russian used to attack Bakhmut consisted mostly of prisoners.

Prigozhin said in a new interview with a prominent Russian blogger that of the tens of thousands of convicts his private military company recruited from Russian prisons to fight in Bakhmut, about 20 percent of them died in the battle.

The Ukraine was not prepared for the Russian invasion.  Their army even in the early days of the war was poorly trained.  Patriot volunteers were thrown in to battle with little support or training.

He was handed a rifle and a grenade launcher before he was even issued a uniform, such was the chaos of war’s early days, when Russian forces were bearing down on Kyiv.

Fluent in English, his initial training involved reading a US military field manual, later organizing medical and basic tactical exercises with his unit in their spare time

It would appear that the state of the Ukrainian army is even worse than that now.  Even though we are providing state of the art weaponry it does not matter.  Most of Ukraine’s experienced soldiers are now dead.  The ones that remain are not even capable of repelling an army of poorly trained convicts.

We could keep supplying weapons to the Ukraine but to what end?  Ukraine cannot win.  The longer this goes the more entrenched Russia will be and the more Territory Ukraine will have to abandon to secure peace. The west wanted to dismantle Russia but all they will accomplish is dismantling the Ukraine one conquered territory at a time.

What do we achieve by prolonging this war?  Do we really want to see more Ukrainians die?  How come it is only unvaccinated people who are not willing to sacrifice more Ukrainians in a proxy war that should have never happened and that Canada should never have been part of?

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Fascinating. The star seems to think being unvaxxed is the cause of not supporting the war in Ukraine. But both things are really a result of critical thinking. As always, the left does not understand cause and effect.

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