Everyone knows what happened and it is time to say it out loud

The plot below is from a new study of excess deaths in Germany.

The data shows that In 2020 Germany recorded 50 thousand COVID deaths without having any excess deaths.  2020 according to the media was a pandemic year yet in Germany nothing out of the ordinary happened.  Some age groups had slightly fewer deaths than normal while others were slightly higher.  2020 was completely normal but 2021 and 2022 were not.  Both years showed significant excess deaths across every age group (except children under 14 in 2021).

The dramatic shift starting in 2021 was not lost on the study authors.  They astutely concluded that something must have happened in 2021.

These findings indicate that something must have happened in spring 2021 that led to a sudden and sustained increase in mortality, although no such effects on mortality had been observed during the early COVID-19 pandemic so far. 

How much longer must we dance around the truth?  Of course something happened in 2021.  Everyone with any common sense knows what happened.  2021 was the year western governments got tired of waiting for COVID to cull the herd.  They decided to speed up the process by injecting everyone with a toxic substance.

We see the same data coming out of every heavily vaccinated country.  It is obvious that the COVID vaccines are killing people.  It is equally obvious that this is murder.  Millions have died and millions more have been injured yet not a single person has been punished.  Do you want another fake pandemic and vaccine mandate, because ignoring this is exactly how you get another fake pandemic and vaccine mandate.