Continued Silence condemns us all

Israelis data recently confirmed what independent thinkers have known for a very long time.  No healthy person under 50 died from COVID.  This is hardly surprising because healthy people under 50 don’t tend to die for any reason.  But, that statement unfortunately only applied to a pre-vax world.  In a post vax world it seems that many young, otherwise healthy people, drop dead for “unknown” reasons.

Canadians up to age 44 saw 27 percent more deaths than expected in the last five months of 2022, a big jump compared to the 19 percent seen from the onset of the pandemic in March 2020 up until August 2022


I wish I could say that it is obvious to everyone that the Jabs are harmful.  I can’t say that however, because most people are not aware of vax injuries.  By now most people know someone who has been vax injured but government has done a superb job downplaying the link between the jabs and these once rare events.  The cover-up has been thorough and must be very costly.

Some high earning entertainers have had their careers destroyed.  Celine Dion has cancelled touring indefinitely over “health” issues and recently Jami Fox suffered a life altering and career ended stroke.


Neither Celine Dion nor Jamie Fox’s family has linked their situation with the Jabs they were forced to take to continue performing.  Fox’s family has even participated in the cover-up by issuing false statements about Fox playing pickle ball during recovery.  Why are they not upset about the personal and enormous financial loses they have suffered?  Dion and Fox had earning potentials measured in tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars.  Do you think they would stay quiet without being compensated for their losses?  How much is it costing to buy their silence?

This cover-up is becoming very expensive, so why do they persist?  It would be easy to thrown Pfizer under the bus.  Politicians could claim they were duped by Pfizer and throw Bourassa in prison.  They could then force Pfizer to pony up a few billion to sprinkle around the vax injured.  Why don’t they take the easy way out before this gets worse?

I can think of only one answer to that question.  They do not want out of this; they obviously intend to do it again.  The cover-up must continue until the next round of injections.  When the next vaccine mandate arrives, the silence they bought or coerced will be to blame.  Don’t be part of it.  Speak up.