It is Time for Canadians to Stand Up and the Police to Stand Down

On November 23rd I wrote that we are on the cusp of normal seasonal re-occurrence of COVID and that we would need to choose whether we would accept another lockdown.  Well it took longer than I expected but it has begun.  COVID cases in Eastern Canada are rising rapidly and the province of New Brunswick has announced another lockdown.

New Brunswick has always erred on the side of COVID tyranny so their latest lockdown is not a surprise.  Also not surprising is that New Brunswick did not have much of a problem until they started vaccinating.

Nearly 90% of people eligible for vaccination have been vaccinated and the province is locked down again.  How much longer will people put up with this?

Since we are obviously back in Lock down season (formerly known as cold and flu season) it might be worth reminding people how ineffective lockdowns have been.

Unfortunately Lockdowns are not just ineffective they are deadly.  I have shown this plot before.  I took 2020 excess deaths and plotted them against average lockdown stringency over the same period.  The countries that used the harshest lockdowns produced the most deaths.

Lockdowns may slow the spread but the cost is unacceptable.  Every COVID death avoided costs more than 1 lockdown death.  COVID deaths are not more important than other deaths.  Lockdowns are evil and should not be used under any circumstance.

Unfortunately the same is true for the COVID vaccines.  The data is clear.  Mass vaccinations will result in more deaths than just letting the virus run its course.  The data below is from Steve Kirsch.  It was from a presentation he gave to the FDA in September.

Steve Kirsch showed that, no matter what data source you use, the vaccines kill more than one person for every COVID death they prevent.  If you use the horribly deficient VAERS data base you get the best case scenario.  The vaccines will kill 2 people for every COVID death they prevent.  Pfizer’s own test data shows each COVID fatality prevented comes at a cost of 5 lives.  How does this make any sense?  How is it not murder?

You can listen to his presentation here.


It is time for Canadians to Choose.  We can stay in this deadly cycle of injections and lockdowns or we can choose voluntary restrictions and proper patient care.  Countries that have chosen the later are far outperforming those using our approach.

We can choose tyranny or we can choose freedom but be aware, freedom always comes at a cost.  The petty tyrants running our country will not accept opposition.  If we do not obey they will sick the police on us.  That means police in Canada also have a choice to make.  Bust heads in support of murder and tyranny or support freedom by simply standing down.  Our children’s future will be determined by either their action or inaction.