The Common Sense Explosion in Japan Continues

The word has been afflicted with terminal COVID stupidity.  The data no longer matters.  It does not matter how many people are killed by the vaccines we simply will not stop using them.  The latest reason to be vaccinated is omicron, a strain of the virus that since discovery has killed only one person in the entire world.  I find it hard to follow the logic but I seem to be the only one.  No matter how I look at it I do not understand why you would take a vaccine that could kill you to combat a virus that will not kill you.

Most of the world has gone insane.  There are a few exceptions though.  Japan has found a cure for terminal COVID stupidity.  Their recovery has been nothing short of miraculous.  Initially Japan followed the herd down the rabbit hole of COVID stupidity.  They were true believers until they vaccinated everyone only to have their worst COVID outbreak.  Other countries would have just blamed the dozen or so unvaccinated people.  Instead Japan re-discovered science.

This scientific renaissance has resulted in a flood of common sense coming from Japan.  In the last 3 weeks Japan has abandoned vaccines in favor of Ivermectin and ruled that vaccines can no longer be administered without informed consent.  Vaccines in Japan now carry warning labels for myocarditis.  Japan is on a serious roll and it does not look like the commons sense will end any time soon.  This morning I found this translation of a Japanese paper.

The paper concludes that the vaccine is 7 times more dangerous than the virus for twentysomethings.  They also point out that no one under 20 in Japan has died of COVID.  That means that if even a single person under 20 dies from the vaccine the vaccine would be infinitely more dangerous than the virus.  This is the conclusion from their paper.

It is a ridiculous to consider vaccination for school children.

I have been saying this for months.  It does not make any sense to vaccinate healthy people under 70.  Their COVID risk is exceptionally low.  The vaccines should have been reserved for seniors with serious health conditions.  To a frail senior the goals are more easily achieved.  They want to see another Christmas.  Side effects that could manifest 10 years later are far less of a concern.  This is not the case for young people, especially children.  They have no immediate risk and the long term side effects can be life altering.  It should be a criminal offence to jab children with this experimental vaccine.


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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    I keep seeing signs that sanity and sound science are starting to prevail. I allow myself a sliver of optimism, only to have my hopes crushed when the local media and health authorities increase their propaganda efforts. I’m deeply disappointed in the majority of people around me. Our Charter of Rights has been exposed as not being worth the paper it’s written on. Ditto the Criminal Code and Bill of Rights.

    Government has revealed itself to be belligerent.

    If we ever return to a free society, will any of these people be held responsible for their actions. Will we rebuild our institutions. Will we learn from this and fortify our constitutional framework? I have my doubts.

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      Derek, I share your doubts. The only way this ends properly is to make sure that it can never happen again. All of the emergency measures acts in the country need to be repealed. we can not have a law that allows a politician to declare and emergency without proof and then use that emergency to suspend rule of law. Our charter of rights needs to be re-written to remove the weasel words “subject to the reasonable limitations of government”. Governments should never be able to set limits on rights or they are not rights. The size of government also needs to be dramatically reduced. These bureaucracies should never been allowed to get this big or this powerful. And finally we need to send hundreds of politicians and senior bureaucrats to prison. That list should include every current premier and chef medical officer, no exceptions.

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