What if You Scheduled a Pandemic and no one showed up to Die?

I found an interesting plot today on our world in data.  The plot shows deaths from all causes going back to the 1950s.

Total deaths have been increasing steadily since 1980 as the world population grew and aged.  The plot below zooms in on the 40 year period from 1981 to 2020.

The numbers move around a bit but they oscillate around a straight line.  The trend has not changed in the last 40 years.  There is an obvious question arriving from this chart.  Where the hell is the pandemic?

In March of 2020 we shut the entire world down because of a pandemic that doesn’t seem to have happened.  We can see the same thing in the data from individual countries.  I have shown this plot for Canada before.  You cannot see a pandemic in Canada.  All we had was a bad cold and flu season.

We were told that COVID would be the black plague.  Instead it turned out to be a bad seasonal flu.  Something that happens almost every other year.  So why did we think that a completely normal year heralded the end of human life on the planet?  The answer to that is obvious to anyone who is not a COVIDiot.  The media and the government colluded in a planned propaganda attack.

This whole thing was planned right from the development and release of the virus.  Frankly the only thing that the government did not expect was how heavily they had to rely on the media.  The SARs COV 2 virus was developed in a lab.  It was engineered to be more transmissible in humans.  The plan was to release the virus and use the emergency as an excuse to move the entire world back into feudalism.

The plan was well thought out and took years to develop but like all well laid battle plans it did not last beyond the first salvo.  There was something about this virus that was unexpected; 80% of the population were highly resistant to infection.  The virus simply did not produce very many bodies.  Governments were forced to enact a contingency plan.  Print COVID on as many death certificates as possible and charge the media with taking facts out of context.

Governments planned a pandemic that did not happen so the media needed to create one out of thin air.  Governments were not about to let all their planning go to waste and with the media assistance they would not need to.  You don’t need an actual pandemic all you need is fear and that can be manufactured.

Make no mistake about it, this was planned and the virus was engineered.  Governments and their media henchmen have gone to great lengths to obscure the origins of the virus for that reason.  If people realize that the virus was developed and released on purpose they will turn on the people involved.  That is a real problem for governments because it seems that almost all of them are involved including Canada.

Not many people understand how deeply involved Canada is in this crime.  Justin Trudeau used the most expensive election in Canadian history to cover up Canada’s role in developing the virus.


There is a curious feature about parliamentary systems.  Anything that was before parliament prior to an election stops dead in its tracks.  So what was before parliament prior to Trudeau calling an election 2 years early?  Just one pesky little inquiry concerning 2 Chinese scientists working in Winnipeg and their relationship with the Wuhan institute of virology.  This would have been very hard to explain so it was far easier to spend 600 million on an unnecessary election to avoid any discussion.


Many Canadians have wondered why Trudeau called an election that changed nothing in the middle of a “pandemic”.  Now we know.  The election did change one thing.  It helped cover up Canada’s involvement in producing the virus.  Since the election, none of the opposition parties have shown interest in restarting the inquiry.  Curious isn’t it?  Obviously promises have been made and kept.

Canadian researchers were also instrumental in developing the mRNA vaccines.  The lipid Nano particles, that make the vaccines possible, were developed in Canada.  So once again we see that the people who developed the vaccines are the same people who developed the virus.  This time they carry Canadian passports.