The Common Sense Explosion in Japan Continues

The word has been afflicted with terminal COVID stupidity.  The data no longer matters.  It does not matter how many people are killed by the vaccines we simply will not stop using them.  The latest reason to be vaccinated is omicron, a strain of the virus that since discovery has killed only one person in the entire world.  I find it hard to follow the logic but I seem to be the only one.  No matter how I look at it I do not understand why you would take a vaccine that could kill you to combat a virus that will not kill you.

Most of the world has gone insane.  There are a few exceptions though.  Japan has found a cure for terminal COVID stupidity.  Their recovery has been nothing short of miraculous.  Initially Japan followed the herd down the rabbit hole of COVID stupidity.  They were true believers until they vaccinated everyone only to have their worst COVID outbreak.  Other countries would have just blamed the dozen or so unvaccinated people.  Instead Japan re-discovered science.

This scientific renaissance has resulted in a flood of common sense coming from Japan.  In the last 3 weeks Japan has abandoned vaccines in favor of Ivermectin and ruled that vaccines can no longer be administered without informed consent.  Vaccines in Japan now carry warning labels for myocarditis.  Japan is on a serious roll and it does not look like the commons sense will end any time soon.  This morning I found this translation of a Japanese paper.

The paper concludes that the vaccine is 7 times more dangerous than the virus for twentysomethings.  They also point out that no one under 20 in Japan has died of COVID.  That means that if even a single person under 20 dies from the vaccine the vaccine would be infinitely more dangerous than the virus.  This is the conclusion from their paper.

It is a ridiculous to consider vaccination for school children.

I have been saying this for months.  It does not make any sense to vaccinate healthy people under 70.  Their COVID risk is exceptionally low.  The vaccines should have been reserved for seniors with serious health conditions.  To a frail senior the goals are more easily achieved.  They want to see another Christmas.  Side effects that could manifest 10 years later are far less of a concern.  This is not the case for young people, especially children.  They have no immediate risk and the long term side effects can be life altering.  It should be a criminal offence to jab children with this experimental vaccine.


What if You Scheduled a Pandemic and no one showed up to Die?

I found an interesting plot today on our world in data.  The plot shows deaths from all causes going back to the 1950s.

Total deaths have been increasing steadily since 1980 as the world population grew and aged.  The plot below zooms in on the 40 year period from 1981 to 2020.

The numbers move around a bit but they oscillate around a straight line.  The trend has not changed in the last 40 years.  There is an obvious question arriving from this chart.  Where the hell is the pandemic?

In March of 2020 we shut the entire world down because of a pandemic that doesn’t seem to have happened.  We can see the same thing in the data from individual countries.  I have shown this plot for Canada before.  You cannot see a pandemic in Canada.  All we had was a bad cold and flu season.

We were told that COVID would be the black plague.  Instead it turned out to be a bad seasonal flu.  Something that happens almost every other year.  So why did we think that a completely normal year heralded the end of human life on the planet?  The answer to that is obvious to anyone who is not a COVIDiot.  The media and the government colluded in a planned propaganda attack.

This whole thing was planned right from the development and release of the virus.  Frankly the only thing that the government did not expect was how heavily they had to rely on the media.  The SARs COV 2 virus was developed in a lab.  It was engineered to be more transmissible in humans.  The plan was to release the virus and use the emergency as an excuse to move the entire world back into feudalism.

The plan was well thought out and took years to develop but like all well laid battle plans it did not last beyond the first salvo.  There was something about this virus that was unexpected; 80% of the population were highly resistant to infection.  The virus simply did not produce very many bodies.  Governments were forced to enact a contingency plan.  Print COVID on as many death certificates as possible and charge the media with taking facts out of context.

Governments planned a pandemic that did not happen so the media needed to create one out of thin air.  Governments were not about to let all their planning go to waste and with the media assistance they would not need to.  You don’t need an actual pandemic all you need is fear and that can be manufactured.

Make no mistake about it, this was planned and the virus was engineered.  Governments and their media henchmen have gone to great lengths to obscure the origins of the virus for that reason.  If people realize that the virus was developed and released on purpose they will turn on the people involved.  That is a real problem for governments because it seems that almost all of them are involved including Canada.

Not many people understand how deeply involved Canada is in this crime.  Justin Trudeau used the most expensive election in Canadian history to cover up Canada’s role in developing the virus.

There is a curious feature about parliamentary systems.  Anything that was before parliament prior to an election stops dead in its tracks.  So what was before parliament prior to Trudeau calling an election 2 years early?  Just one pesky little inquiry concerning 2 Chinese scientists working in Winnipeg and their relationship with the Wuhan institute of virology.  This would have been very hard to explain so it was far easier to spend 600 million on an unnecessary election to avoid any discussion.

Many Canadians have wondered why Trudeau called an election that changed nothing in the middle of a “pandemic”.  Now we know.  The election did change one thing.  It helped cover up Canada’s involvement in producing the virus.  Since the election, none of the opposition parties have shown interest in restarting the inquiry.  Curious isn’t it?  Obviously promises have been made and kept.

Canadian researchers were also instrumental in developing the mRNA vaccines.  The lipid Nano particles, that make the vaccines possible, were developed in Canada.  So once again we see that the people who developed the vaccines are the same people who developed the virus.  This time they carry Canadian passports.

How many Reasons do we need to stop Vaccinating?

This morning I bring you a small dose of common sense from the most unlikely of places; the European Parliament.

It does not get any easier to understand than that.  The Vaccines are a defective product.  Their efficacy is far lower than we were lead to believe and the side effects far worse.  There is no rational reason to mandate the use of a defective product.

If that is not enough reason for us to stop the vaccination programs then how about this.

The jabs offer no protection from omicron and omicron is becoming the dominant strain.  This should come as no surprise to anyone.  We injected nearly 4 billion people with a vaccine that does not prevent infection.  The only variants that will survive are the ones least affected by the vaccines.  It was only a matter of time before we would get a variant that is completely unaffected by the vaccines.

We spent billions of dollars vaccinating everyone in order to create a variant that the vaccines will not affect.  Now we are told the best way to protect ourselves is to get jabbed with the same toxic chemical that created omicron in the first place?  Worse than that we are told the best way to protect ourselves is to force someone else to get jabbed with the toxin that did not protect us.  Since almost all adults are jabbed that someone else is children.

There is no medical reason to give a child these COVID jabs to a child.  No COVID variant poses any risk to a child and the most recent one is vaccine resistant.  We are not jabbing children to make them safe.  We are jabbing children to make hypochondriac adults feel safe.  History will condemn any society that does this.  Someday I hope people understand this and shun the people involved in jabbing children.  They deserve to live out their lives in shame.  Cowards using children as shields have no place in any society.

Most countries have bizarrely found vaccine failure as a reason for forced vaccination.  Thankfully there are a few outliers that we can look to and someday learn from.  The most prominent outlier is Japan.  Japan is a large (125 million), highly educated, and technologically advanced country.  They might be the only country in the developed world actually following science now.  Japan tried the vaccines and when they clearly failed Japan pivoted to Ivermectin with resounding success.  This caused Japan to take a harder look at the vaccines and guess what they determined?

Japan has decided that the best course of action is to following the Nuremburg code.  Japan now requires informed consent and will not force anyone to be vaccinated.  It is shocking that so many other countries are choosing to ignore a lesson we learned 80 years ago.

The only reason we needed to prevent coerced injections is the Nuremburg code.  We did not follow the code and here we are.  With every passing day we find more reasons not to use these products yet we persist.  This is not about your health, or your neighbor’s health, or even a virus.  It is time to wake up and say no.

Vaccine Excuses are as plentiful as Vaccine Injuries

Vaccine injuries are becoming so common that they can no longer be ignored.  In a sane world the vaccination programs would stop.  In our Killer COVID clown world we just make excuses and keep on vaccinating.

One tactic is to blame the side effects on COVID.  Here is a news article explaining what a remarkable coincidence it is that so many people get COVID right after vaccination.

I really don’t understand the logic to that argument.  In order to deflect blame from the vaccine you blame the disease that the vaccine was supposed to prevent?  Neither side of that argument makes the vaccines look good.

One potentially lethal vaccine injury getting a lot of attention right now is heart inflammation; myocarditis and pericarditis.  It has become so common that it demands the full attention of the rapid excuse deployment squad.  Right now they are using a 2 pronged attack.  Attack one is one convince us the risk of Myocarditis is higher from infection than the vaccine.

The second line of excuses is to let us know that the myocarditis from the vaccines is very mild.

I am pretty sure you can’t find a cardiologist that will tell you that heart inflammation is not serious, but that is not my only problem with this obvious propaganda.  If myocarditis is both more severe and more prevalent from infection how come we heard nothing about it until the vaccinations started?  How come we did not see an increase in heat attacks in 2020 when millions of unvaccinated people were infected with COVID?  Why did Heart attacks only start increasing in the UK after the vaccination programs began?

If we are supposed to believe that myocarditis is not a problem for children then why have nearly twice as many children died in the UK this year compared to last?

It is an enormous lie that you can lower your risk from myocarditis by being vaccinated.  The data just does not support that dangerous statement.  Again you do not need to take my word for it.  Why not listen to one of the most prominent cardiologist in the world.


If the vaccines were not dangerous excuses and mandates would not be necessary.  The Jabs represent profit to the pharmaceutical companies and control to the government.  Your health is not a consideration in that equation.  Unfortunately that is something most people will need to learn the hard way.


The vaccines are a weapon and we are at war with our government.  How many more people need to die before everyone understands this?

The New Normal, Joyful Evil

I found this short documentary on Ivor Cummins’s twitter feed.  The Video discusses how ordinary evil became under the Nazis.  It ends with a holocaust survivor explaining how they were lulled in to accepting evil by the slow encroachment of regulations.  When he speaks, substitute unvaccinated for Jew and you can see history repeating itself.  If that does not send a chill down your spine you are a lost cause.  You will never wake up and smell the tyranny.


There is only one difference between what is happening now and what the Nazis did.  The Nazis carried out evil with business like dispassion.  They made evil so ordinary that the phrase Banality of Evil was coined.  That is not the Case with COVID.  The politicians participating in this farce are joyfully committing atrocities.  Take this Giddy witch for instance.


Could she be any more delighted with herself?  She is absolutely ecstatic when she tell you that there is no escaping her needle.  You will die with a needle stuck in your arm and with this vaccine death may come a lot sooner than you think.  It will be no loss though, since you will not be allowed to live before you die anyway.

I do have one question for Jacinda when her murderous euphoria passes.  How does a vaccine that does not provide immunity bring immunity back up?

As it did with the Nazis, tyranny always results in Mass murder and we are already there.  The vaccines are on track to kill as many people this year as the virus did last year.  The plot below from Euromomo shows cumulative excess deaths for this year and the previous 2 years.

The line at the bottom is 2019, the before COVID era.  It represents the old normal where a few people die in cold and flu season.  The light blue line is the new normal where vaccines kill as many people as the virus.

The normal course of any outbreak is that the virus mutates to something less deadly while the population moves towards herd immunity.  The virus may never disappear but with time it becomes less deadly.  That is the big difference between 2020 and 2021.  The deaths in 2021 have been largely due to government.  Government never becomes less deadly and it is impossible to be immune from it.  You don’t need to take my word for it.  You just saw Jacinda on video joyfully explaining that she does not intent to stop killing.  40 years ago people like Jacinda would have been in hospitals for the criminally insane.  In the new normal they run countries.




It is hard to Plan a Fake Pandemic without Leaving a Paper Trail

I just saw this clip of Tucker Carlson interviewing Glen Beck this morning.


Glen Beck claims to have a copy of a contract between the American government and Moderna.  That is not surprising since Moderna is supplying vaccines to the American government.  What is surprising is the date.  The contract was signed 2 weeks before the Pandemic was declared.  The dollar value of this contract would be in the billions.  Anyone who has ever dealt with large contracts will tell you this would have taken weeks, maybe months to negotiate before it was signed.  That tells us 2 things.

  1. Glen Beck does not disclose who signed the document but it was obviously not some ordinary bureaucrat. Only people at the highest levels of government would have the authority to sign a contract like this.  That means this contract was signed by a senior politician or bureaucrat.  Someone well entrenched with significant authority.
  2. The Government official who signed this contract had advance notice that a pandemic would be declared. They may have known this for months.  That is pretty incredible isn’t it?  No one in government could figure out that printing trillions of dollars in new currency would trigger inflation but they can predict pandemics almost down to the day.

The documents have not been released but I do not doubt that they are real.  This whole fake emergency has, in hindsight, obviously been planned right down to the starting date.  I would be shocked if there were not similar contracts in every western country all signed before the beginning of the “pandemic”.

This is just one more piece of evidence that the people responsible for creating the virus are profiting from the fear it created.  Worse than that is that they are doing this with the cooperation of government.  The end game for pharmaceutical companies is clear.  Their business model requires mandatory vaccinations and the new normal of bringing vaccines to market with limited testing and absolutely no liability.  The end game for government is also clear.  Vaccine passports are the gateway back to feudalism.  You will own nothing and the new kings and queens of government will be happy.


The COVID Powers fire warning shots across Boris’s Bow.

Some European countries like Austria have already mandated vaccinations and locked down unvaccinated people.  The European Union is now openly calling for mandatory vaccinations.

This is of course due to the Omicron spreading quickly through Europe.  The fact that Omicron is nothing more than a common cold makes no difference.  The March towards mandatory vaccinations and digital IDs in Europe will not be deterred by facts.

There is one curious outlier in Europe right now.  Despite being a hardline COVIDiot (and general all around idiot) Boris Johnson has been dragging his feet when it comes to mandatory vaccination and house arrest for unvaccinated.  The UK has a higher infection rate than the European average (see below) but Boris has good reason to drag his feet.  Vaccine mandates are illegal under British common law and the people of Britain are roundly against them.

Good Morning Britain (GMB) is a morning propaganda program broadcast on ITV in the UK.  Recently they tried to advance the vaccine narrative by conducting a viewer poll on vaccine mandates.  Like most left wing lunatics the people in charge of GMB live in an echo chamber.  Because they support vaccine mandates they believe everyone supports vaccine mandates.  The poll was supposed to be a slam dunk.  Their viewers would demand vaccine mandates and in turn GMB would use their soap box to demand governments implement vaccine mandates.  It was a perfect plan until they used it.

When the poll started the public response was overwhelming against vaccine mandates.  So much so that GMB abruptly stopped polling.

GMB drastically underestimated the number of rational people in Britain.  Apparently no one at GMB has ever read any history.  Britain is the birth place of freedom.  They were the first people to wrestle control away from a king without executing him.  It took centuries and bloodshed to shake off feudalism and it seems 89% of Britons have no desire to go back.

COVID response plans are nothing more than an attempt to take the world back in to feudalism, so Boris is in a difficult spot.  He is faced with far more opposition in the UK than his European counterparts have in their respective countries.  The COVID narrative dissolves if everyone does not move in lockstep.  That makes Boris’s problem Europe’s problem and it looks like they have found a solution.  They are setting the stage to get rid of Boris.

Last week this news story came out.

Gee I wonder why the police suddenly decided to take drug sniffing dogs through the parliament buildings.  I also wonder why the media chose to print only 2 names; Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel.  Hundreds of politicians and bureaucrats work in these building but the media decided to implicate only 2.  Curious isn’t it?

Then this morning I found this.

Boris and his wife are party animals; everyone knows this and the media has known about these parties for a very long time.  Why are they reporting them now?  The answer is obvious.  The knives are out for Boris.  The people behind this fake emergency are warning Boris.  Get with the program or be replaced.

Before COVID I would have told you that westerns leaders were chosen by the people in elections.  I clung to that notion even when the choices were mystifying.  I mean who in their right mind would want air heads like Boris Johnson or Justin Trudeau in charge of anything?  Now I am not so sure.  This whole farce has been orchestrated.  Borders don’t seem to matter.  Each country said and did the same thing at the same time.  It seems that each “leader” gets handed a script every morning.  Wouldn’t you like to know who is writing the script and holding the knife in Boris’s back?


Vitamin D, the only COVID Vaccine Without Side Effects.

I have posted a lot of information on vitamin D in the past.  Early in the COVID cycle doctors found vitamin D deficiency was the most important comorbidity.  Since then a lot of research has been done on vitamin D and it all confirms that proper vitamin D level offers effective protection against COVID.

A few days ago one of my helpful readers sent me the great article summarizing the current science on vitamin D.  It is the most comprehensive article on Vitamin D I have found.

Vitamin D like other effective treatments has been shunned in favor of expensive and experimental treatments.  Treatments that until September 2021 did not even meet the definition of a vaccine because they did not provide immunity.  The definition of a vaccine had to be changed after too many people noticed that the COVID Jabs were not vaccines.

Until August 26th of 2021 this is how the CDC defined vaccines.

Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease

Then on September 1st 2021 the definition of a vaccine was changed to this.

Vaccine: A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases. 

I normally object to the left constantly re-defining words to fit their latest stupid idea but in this case I like the new definition.  Vitamin D significantly lowers both chance and severity of infection.  It does this as well as any of the COVID jabs.  In other words it is a preparation that stimulates the body’s immune response against disease.   By the new definition of Vaccine, vitamin D is definitely a vaccine.  A highly effective one at that, and with absolutely no side effects.  No blood clots, heart attacks, neurological disorders or still births.

By re-defining vaccines to support the Jab narrative the left has inadvertently turned vitamin D into a vaccine.  The most effective vaccine available against COVID.  I vaccinate myself every morning.  Now I just need to convince my pharmacist to update my vaccine passport every time I purchase a new bottle.

Ignoring Government Murder.

Professional athletes are fit and young.  They are the least likely group to die of anything.  At least they were before the COVID jabs.

How the hell can people continue to ignore this?  Athletes collapsing in the middle of play used to be rare now it happens multiple times in the same game?

Don’t worry though.  The league has issued a statement telling you what you just witnessed with your own eyes really did not happen.

Talk about gas lighting.  The league wants us to believe that thousands of people in the stands and millions of people watching the live broadcast did not really see what they saw.  I guess they have run out of excuses.  They have been reduced to a child yelling “did not”.

These young athletes are injured or dead because of their government.  Following government edicts leagues have instituted vaccine mandates and the results have been deadly.  But they took the vaccines willingly right?  Yes it was their choice.  They could get vaccinated or they could lose their income.  Not exactly free will.

All of these people died because of government.  Governments are committing murder in front of millions of witnesses and we are told that it didn’t really happen.  The Nazis were fools.  They went to great lengths to hide what they were doing.  I don’t know why they bothered.  They could have loaded bodies in ovens in front of cameras and the media would have told us they were making pizza.


Stupid Journalism is just as deadly as Dishonest Journalism.

I just read this article in Breitbart news.

The Author, John Nolte, thinks it is obvious the vaccine works since Trump Counties have higher COVID deaths than Biden counties.  I like John Nolte he usually has more sense than this but when it comes to the jabs he is a raving COVIDiot.  For this statistic to mean anything you would need to prove 2 things; that Trump counties have significantly lower vaccination rates than Biden counties and that COVID deaths have any relationship to reality.

The first one is unlikely to be true.  71% of Americans are vaccinated.  With such a high percentage it is not possible to have great differences anywhere.  Also the two groups that are the least vaccinated, Blacks and Latinos, overwhelmingly vote democrat.

The second one is definitely not true.  COVID deaths are political.  When death statistics were final published for 2020 there was no relationship between the COVID deaths a country reported and their actual excess deaths.  COVID deaths were either over or under reported to suit the political narrative.

The same thing is happening now.  As John Nolte correctly points out, left wing bureaucrats in right wing counties are recording high numbers of COVID deaths.  There is a slight fly in the ointment though.  Deaths are not going down anywhere in the US.

There has been no change in mortality compared to 2020.  Vaccinated people are dying as quickly in 2021 as unvaccinated people did in 2020.  We see the same pattern in Europe.  The vaccines have made no difference in overall mortality.  Younger age groups are actually seeing increased all-cause mortality.  Normally after a harsh virus has passed mortality dips since the frailest people have already died.  That did not happen this time because the cure has been more deadly than the disease.

I hope John Nolte’s stupidity does not get anyone killed.  The recorded cause of death is not important; the number of deaths is.  The jabs do not prevent death they just prevent COVID from being written on a death certificate.