Stupid Journalism is just as deadly as Dishonest Journalism.

I just read this article in Breitbart news.

The Author, John Nolte, thinks it is obvious the vaccine works since Trump Counties have higher COVID deaths than Biden counties.  I like John Nolte he usually has more sense than this but when it comes to the jabs he is a raving COVIDiot.  For this statistic to mean anything you would need to prove 2 things; that Trump counties have significantly lower vaccination rates than Biden counties and that COVID deaths have any relationship to reality.

The first one is unlikely to be true.  71% of Americans are vaccinated.  With such a high percentage it is not possible to have great differences anywhere.  Also the two groups that are the least vaccinated, Blacks and Latinos, overwhelmingly vote democrat.

The second one is definitely not true.  COVID deaths are political.  When death statistics were final published for 2020 there was no relationship between the COVID deaths a country reported and their actual excess deaths.  COVID deaths were either over or under reported to suit the political narrative.

The same thing is happening now.  As John Nolte correctly points out, left wing bureaucrats in right wing counties are recording high numbers of COVID deaths.  There is a slight fly in the ointment though.  Deaths are not going down anywhere in the US.

There has been no change in mortality compared to 2020.  Vaccinated people are dying as quickly in 2021 as unvaccinated people did in 2020.  We see the same pattern in Europe.  The vaccines have made no difference in overall mortality.  Younger age groups are actually seeing increased all-cause mortality.  Normally after a harsh virus has passed mortality dips since the frailest people have already died.  That did not happen this time because the cure has been more deadly than the disease.

I hope John Nolte’s stupidity does not get anyone killed.  The recorded cause of death is not important; the number of deaths is.  The jabs do not prevent death they just prevent COVID from being written on a death certificate.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    👍👍 it seems disheartening and hopeless at times but keep up the good fight Richard. What other choice do we have? Keep at it!

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