The Media is on a Mission to Maximize Vaccine Injuries

The COVID vaccines cause heart damage through inflammation and blood clots.  This is a well-documented scientific fact that most people do not know.  They do not know for two reasons.  First the media does not want them to know and second they do not want to know.  The relationship between a dishonest media and a willfully ignorant public is a marriage of convenience.  A marriage that will undoubtable lead to the death of one spouse, and it won’t be the media.

The vaccines have caused so many heart problems that even the willfully ignorant public will eventually notice.  The media simply cannot let this awakening happen.  Their business model depends on a large complacent public.  Even a small amount of truth can upset a formula that has worked for them for decades.  The media desperately needs a lie to explain the increase in heart problems.  This is one they have come up with.

Thousands facing heart problems due to ‘post-pandemic stress disorder’ | Evening Standard

We now have a brand new mental illness that manifests itself as heart disease.  How stupid do you need to be to believe that increased heart problems in VACCINATED people are from stress?  Wasn’t the vaccine supposed to reduce their risk?  Why is it more stressful to take a medication designed to reduce your risk than it is not to take it?  Could it be that it does not really reduce risk?

Judging by what we have seen so far in the fake crisis, this obvious lie will satisfy most people.  People who will dutifully line up for every vaccine booster.  That is the objective of the article.  Keep the vaccine gravy train on the tracks.  Don’t let something as trivial as heart attacks derail it.

The pharmaceutical companies must be giving sales commissions to the media; why else would every news story pivot back to a plea to get vaccinated?  Take this story for instance.

The article point out that omicron is a milder version of the virus that is outcompeting delta.  This is absolutely normal for viruses.  While it is possible for a virus to mutate into something more deadly it is more normal for them to do the opposite.  The variant that spreads more and kills less is always the one that wins the evolutionary race.

Omicron is Mother Nature’s version of a vaccine.  You get a mild infection followed by durable immunity.  Immunity that you can never get from the COVID jabs.  Omicron should be heralded as a gift.  In a sane world it would be recognized as the end of the pandemic.  Unfortunately we do not live in a sane world.  To the media omicron is just another reason to get vaccinated. This quote is from the article.

“We believe that vaccines will still, however, protect against severe disease because we’ve seen this decrease in protection using vaccines with the other variants – the vaccines have always held out to prevent severe disease and admission into hospital from death.”

The Media is always so anxious to pivot the conversation back to vaccines they sometimes lose control.  In this case the journalist, Michiel Willems, loses control of either logic or the English language.  I am not a doctor,r but I think that people who are already dead do not need to be admitted to hospital.

Even though Michiel’s language is obtuse his message is clear.  Omicron is moving fast so we need to vaccinate even faster.  Let’s examine his logic.  Omicron does not produce severe illness, even the WHO admits no one has died from omicron.  The vaccines reduce severe illness.  So obviously we need to be vaccinated for a virus that does not produce severe illness in order to prevent severe illness.  For once the vaccines will be 100% successful.  They will prevent something that was not going to happen anyway.

I wish I lived in a world where no one was stupid enough to believe this crap.