The Media is on a Mission to Maximize Vaccine Injuries

The COVID vaccines cause heart damage through inflammation and blood clots.  This is a well-documented scientific fact that most people do not know.  They do not know for two reasons.  First the media does not want them to know and second they do not want to know.  The relationship between a dishonest media and a willfully ignorant public is a marriage of convenience.  A marriage that will undoubtable lead to the death of one spouse, and it won’t be the media.

The vaccines have caused so many heart problems that even the willfully ignorant public will eventually notice.  The media simply cannot let this awakening happen.  Their business model depends on a large complacent public.  Even a small amount of truth can upset a formula that has worked for them for decades.  The media desperately needs a lie to explain the increase in heart problems.  This is one they have come up with.

Thousands facing heart problems due to ‘post-pandemic stress disorder’ | Evening Standard

We now have a brand new mental illness that manifests itself as heart disease.  How stupid do you need to be to believe that increased heart problems in VACCINATED people are from stress?  Wasn’t the vaccine supposed to reduce their risk?  Why is it more stressful to take a medication designed to reduce your risk than it is not to take it?  Could it be that it does not really reduce risk?

Judging by what we have seen so far in the fake crisis, this obvious lie will satisfy most people.  People who will dutifully line up for every vaccine booster.  That is the objective of the article.  Keep the vaccine gravy train on the tracks.  Don’t let something as trivial as heart attacks derail it.

The pharmaceutical companies must be giving sales commissions to the media; why else would every news story pivot back to a plea to get vaccinated?  Take this story for instance.

The article point out that omicron is a milder version of the virus that is outcompeting delta.  This is absolutely normal for viruses.  While it is possible for a virus to mutate into something more deadly it is more normal for them to do the opposite.  The variant that spreads more and kills less is always the one that wins the evolutionary race.

Omicron is Mother Nature’s version of a vaccine.  You get a mild infection followed by durable immunity.  Immunity that you can never get from the COVID jabs.  Omicron should be heralded as a gift.  In a sane world it would be recognized as the end of the pandemic.  Unfortunately we do not live in a sane world.  To the media omicron is just another reason to get vaccinated. This quote is from the article.

“We believe that vaccines will still, however, protect against severe disease because we’ve seen this decrease in protection using vaccines with the other variants – the vaccines have always held out to prevent severe disease and admission into hospital from death.”

The Media is always so anxious to pivot the conversation back to vaccines they sometimes lose control.  In this case the journalist, Michiel Willems, loses control of either logic or the English language.  I am not a doctor,r but I think that people who are already dead do not need to be admitted to hospital.

Even though Michiel’s language is obtuse his message is clear.  Omicron is moving fast so we need to vaccinate even faster.  Let’s examine his logic.  Omicron does not produce severe illness, even the WHO admits no one has died from omicron.  The vaccines reduce severe illness.  So obviously we need to be vaccinated for a virus that does not produce severe illness in order to prevent severe illness.  For once the vaccines will be 100% successful.  They will prevent something that was not going to happen anyway.

I wish I lived in a world where no one was stupid enough to believe this crap.

When this is over Apologies will not be enough.

I often accuse Canadians of not being able to learn from history.  That is not the case in New Brunswick.  Someone in their government has been studying soviet history quite closely.

In the 1930s Stalin was forcing farm collectivization.  Land was confiscated from private owners and they were forced to work on government collective farms.  Forced collectivization was opposed by the Ukrainian Kulaks who were successful farmers and did not want to give up their land.  Stalin was faced with a group of people who simply would not get with the program.  His solution was to starve them to death.  Before the 1932/33 winter Stalin sent in the Army and took all the food.  An estimated 8 million Ukrainians died that winter.  More than the holocaust.

The Government of New Brunswick is struggling with a small group of people who also will not get with the program.  Faced with the same problem Stalin had, they have opted for the same solution.  The Government of New Brunswick is asking private business to help starve the unvaccinated in to submission.


The Government of New Brunswick has now openly adopted Soviet Ideology and practice.  The only difference is that Stalin did not have to tip toe around centuries of legal traditions.  In 1933 the Soviet Union was a brand new country.  The law was fluid.  The government could change legal to illegal on a whim and often did.  Canada is different.  We have been around for 154 years and we have centuries of British common law behind our system.

Vaccine mandates and passports are clearly illegal in Canada.  That is why the government didn’t just send police to empty the pantries in every unvaccinated household.  Instead the New Brunswick government reverted to their established COVID playbook.  Coerce business owners to break the law on the government’s behalf.  Businesses are given a choice.  Continue to operate under profit killing COVID restrictions or help to starve unvaccinated people into compliance.

Business owners need to choose wisely.  The people assisting governments with COVID tyranny are not on the right side of history.  10 Years from now you will not be able to look anyone in the eye and claim you are sorry that you helped starve their relative to death.  That will certainly be the extreme but vaccinated people are already doing things they will not be able to explain to their children.  Take this woman for instance.


She was denied service at a café that she had supported faithfully through the pandemic when the government was doing their level best to bankrupt restaurants.  The Café has rewarded her support by banning her and her daughter for being unvaccinated.  She is upset because she does not know how to explain this to her daughter.  She is not the one that needs to explain her actions.  It is the Café owner that has the problem explaining herself to her own children.

This is a growing problem.  A recent Canadian poll shows that most Canadians will not let an unvaccinated person in to their home.

Unvaccinated Canadians are willing to destroy friendships and family bonds to help the government ostracize unvaccinated.  When this farce is over and people finally accept that they were deceived by the government how will they apologize?  Can you even apologize for something this big?  You turned your back on friends over cold and flu season.  Talk about fickle friendship.

Anyone cooperating with government now needs to read a little history.  Cooperating with the Nazis or Soviets made life easier but no one that did that is considered a hero.  They were criminals who participated in an evil system.  The government could not have done it without them.  Is it even possible to wordsmith an apology for facilitating evil?

Following a Well-trodden Path

I saw guest editorial on the CBCs website.  The writer was questioning the need for vaccine passports when nearly 50% of hospitalizations in Ontario were vaccinated people.  I was shocked.  For those of you unfamiliar with Canada the CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  The CBC is lavishly tax payer funded and the largest purveyor of left wing misinformation in Canada.  It was absolutely remarkable that they would publish anything that questioned the Trudeau Liberals narrative.  I never thought I would see a lie too big for CBC to parrot.

Of course the article was not written by a regular CBC staffer.  There is not one of them that would not choke to death on the truth.  Still it was remarkable that they would even print it.  I looked up the data the article referenced on the Ontario Governments website.  This is the situation as of December 3rd.

45% of non ICU patients are now vaccinated.  We see similar numbers in Alberta where 39.4% of non ICU patients are vaccinated.  The numbers are better for serious (ICU) cases so the vaccines are still providing some protection but not for long.

The article references this new paper in the Lancet.

The article shows data from Germany seen on this plot.

In July the percentage of symptomatic COVID cases was very low.  Unfortunately that percentage increased each week and shows no signs of stopping.  By the end of October 50% of symptomatic cases were vaccinated people.  It won’t be long before 100% of the cases in Germany will be vaccinated just as we see now in England where 96.6% Of COVID cases are vaccinated

For the UK. Between week 39 and 42, a total of 100.160 COVID-19 cases were reported among citizens of 60 years or older. 89.821 occurred among the fully vaccinated (89.7%), 3.395 among the unvaccinated (3.4%)

So why is England worse than Germany who is worse than Canada?  One reason and one reason only, timing.  On the vaccination merry-go round England is one month ahead of Germany who is one month ahead of Canada.

We are following a trail already blazed by other countries.  Within the next 2 months it will be obvious to Canadians that the vaccines have failed.  At that point we need to decide.  Stay on the vaccine merry-go round or try common sense for once.  The Merry-go round is more of what has already failed; twice yearly boosters.  This is what England and Germany have chosen.  Common sense is herd immunity through natural infection coupled with effective patient care.  Japan has taken this path with resounding success.  Will we choose the less trodden path to success or will we follow, like sheep, down the well-trodden path to tyranny?

Pfizer admits to murder and the Media Turns their Head.

Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency filed a freedom of information request for Pfizer documents submitted to the FDA.  The documents are the required COVID vaccine safety reports necessary under the emergency authorization approval.  Pfizer’s lawyers went to court and argued that they should be given 55 years to turn over the documents.  Pfizer’s extreme reluctance to turn over safety information tells us everything we need to know about their product.

Thankfully the courts did not give Pfizer their 55 year reprieve from prosecution in the court of public opinion.  Unfortunately that is the only court Pfizer will ever be prosecuted in thanks to the immunity granted by our governments.  Pfizer has started to turn over documents and even though all of the evidence is not in there is more than enough evidence already to convict Pfizer of Murder.

Here is a report filed for at the end of April covering the period from the start of vaccination until Feb 28, 2021; a period of about 2 months.

Here is one of the first tables in the report

In 2 Months Pfizer killed 1,223 people.  That is 20 people every day.  This is just Pfizer.  There are 3 other major companies supplying similar products.  How many people were dying every day from these products?  The swine Flu vaccines were discontinued after 32 deaths.  Using just the Pfizer data this means the COVID vaccine trials should have been stopped by noon of the second day.

At the beginning of the report Pfizer admits that they are not sure if they have captured all of the events and that the large number of events was forcing them to prioritize investigations.  At the time of the report they still had not followed up on nearly 10,000 (9,400) reported events.  So Pfizer did not know what had happened to these people.  There could have been up to 9,400 more deaths; Pfizer could not be sure.

Not to worry though.  Pfizer proudly stated that every serious event would be investigated within 90 days.  If you do the math that means at least another 1,800 people will die while Pfizer is investigating what happened 3 months ago.  I don’t know about you but I feel much better knowing that every death caused by Pfizer will be carefully cataloged so that historians can condemn us for our cruelty and stupidity.

Seriously, how come this report is not front page news everywhere?  After 2 months the FDA knew these treatments were killing people in unacceptably large numbers.  Why isn’t the media screaming this from the roof tops?  Unfortunately we know why.  The media is up to their old tricks.  Instead of reporting the news they are turning their gaze away and supporting the government narrative.  According to the media, compared to cyanide the vaccines are perfectly safe.  It is not important that they are not safe compared to other vaccines.

This is state sanctioned murder performed by people given complete prosecutorial immunity before their first kill.  That is the only immunity possible with these vaccines.

More Absurdity from Down Under

I just saw this Australian article that pushes the boundary of absurdity to new levels even by COVID standards.

Yesterday I posted an article about an entire Australian town being placed under house arrest because the SARS COV 2 virus was found in sewage.  House arrest for having unclean shit.  Now we have 3 teenagers arrested for breaking out of a Quarantine prison.

All 3 teens tested negative but were arrested and transported to the COVID prison for being near an infected person.  They are still negative despite being forced to live with people who are not.  They broke out and now they have been re-arrested.  This establishes a new bar for COVID stupidity.  These 3 teens have now been arrested twice for the crime of not having COVID.

Trevor is right.  You really can’t make this up.

Lies are not just Fast, they are also Powerful

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes”.  That quote is often attributed to Mark Twain but no one really knows for sure that it is his.  The unknown origins do not, however, diminish the truth in the statement.  Lies also defy Newtonian physics.  The bigger the lie the less energy it take to accelerate it.

In March of 2020 politicians told an enormous lie and with the help of the media that lie was in every country within hours.  The Truth on the other hand has travelled much more slowly.  We are closing in on 2 years and the truth has reached very few people.  The truth is that there was never an emergency.  There was never a reason to do any of the things that were forced on us.

Lies are not only fast they are powerful.  The truth that there was no emergency has finally managed to reach most countries now.  Unfortunately the truth has largely fallen on deaf ears.  When confronted with a truth that contradicts the lie people overwhelmingly reject the truth.  Such is the power of lies.

Take masks for example.  Masks had been studied to death prior to the March 2020 great lie.  The science was clear, mask do not affect the spread of airborne respiratory viruses.  That well established science did not prevent serial liars like Anthony Fauci from lying about, and recommending masks.

On the strength of that, lie masks were mandated almost everywhere.  Every time infections dropped the media reinforced the lie by telling us that the drop was due to masks and other pointless measures.  The media was of course conspicuously quiet as infections soared when everyone was masked.  While the media was supporting the lie some scientists took the opportunity to evaluate what really happened.  Multiple studies like this one proved the futility of masks.

Here is a plot from the study showing when the mask mandate was dropped it made no discernable difference.

It is not surprising to find out, again, that masks do not work.  It was ridiculous to expect that mask could stop a virus when the weave openings are hundreds of times larger than the virus.  There is a reason why filters are rated by the smallest particle that they can stop.  An 80 micron filter cannot magically stop 0.1 micron particles.

So we knew masks could not work before we were forced to use them.  All of the data collected over the last 20 months has reinforced those conclusions yet countries are turning to masks again.  Masks are a very powerful lie that governments are taking to ridiculous extents and I have a personal example that illustrates just how ridiculous.

My daughter teaches science.  She asked me to help her teach heat transfer.  Heat transfer was one of my best marks in University.  In the last 3 decades as an Engineer I have used heat transfer concepts hundreds of times.  I was more than happy to help my daughter with this.  Here is the kicker.  In order to teach science I must wear a mask.  The reason is obvious to anyone who does not understand science.  I must wear a mask that cannot prevent viral transmission so that I do not transmit a virus, which I do not have, to the students.  A virus that does not pose a real threat to any of the students even if I had it.  It is hard to get less scientific in a science class.

The government of Alberta will not let you teach science unless you prove to them that you either do not understand science or are willing to ignore it in favor of politics.  Still I have decided to do it anyway.  If I can teach some science and more importantly teach young people to think, maybe their generation can pull us out of this.  My generation is a lost cause.  The lie was just too powerful.