A Vaccine that does not work to fix a Pandemic that did not Happen.

The latest data out of Scotland shows that since august the vaccines have had absolutely no effect on the most important variable; deaths.

80% of scots are vaccinated and 85% of COVID deaths are people who were fully vaccinated.  The vaccines have made no difference.  Billions of dollars were spent on vaccines that provided limited short term benefits.  This would be a huge problem if this was a real pandemic.  Thankfully, it is not a real pandemic.

I have shown multiple times that in 2020 there was not a significant change in total deaths.  Most countries saw nothing more than they do in a bad flu season.  Some countries did not even see that.  Despite what government and media told you COVID was nothing more than a bad seasonal flu.  Sure COVID had its own distinct signature but in the end it did not produce any more deaths than can be expected from influenzas.  This morning I found another study confirming this yet again.  The researchers tried, but were unable to find the huge mounds of bodies the media told us about.


As with other seasonal flus, COVID hit seniors harder than anyone else.  We often talk about comorbidities with COVID deaths but the most relevant factor was simply age.  That is not surprising since as we age we become more likely to die of almost anything.  Here is a plot I found in a different study that shows the chance of Dying of COVID increases with age but no differently than how aging increases overall mortality.

So age is a significant factor that must be taken in to account when comparing across countries or across time.  That’s what the authors of this study did.  They age adjusted all-cause mortality to see if there was a significant increase in 2020 due to COVID. The plot below is from the study.

There was no significant age adjusted mortality in 2020.  In fact many countries had lower age adjusted mortality than 2015.  During the great COVID plague of 2020 the only thing that increased was the level of Government Tyranny.

Confirming that government and media have been lying is a significant finding but something else falls from this study with profound public health implications.  The countries in Red have much higher age adjusted mortality than the countries in green.  Every year it is the same countries that have high age adjusted mortality.  So what is different about those countries?  You can see clearly from this plot that it is obesity.

The countries with the highest levels of Obesity have the highest age adjusted mortality.  COVID had no discernable impact on age adjusted mortality but obesity has a profound impact.

Clearly obesity is a far larger public health issue than COVID.  So why did we close fitness facilities to try and stop the spread of COVID?  If we really want positive public health outcomes the formula is simple.  Stop vaccinating for a disease that did not increase mortality and spend that money subsidizing fitness facility memberships.  This is so not about a virus or public health.