Reasons for Hope this Christmas.

Christmas has always been about hope.  A time to celebrate with family.  I must admit last Christmas was not very hopeful.  The evil people in government were doing their best to destroy all hope and last year they largely succeeded.  This year it feels different.  Government is still up to their old tricks but fewer people are listening and the vocal minority is finally making progress.

There are sure signs of hope everywhere like this embarrassing reversal from Alberta’s Demonic Dwarf.

The best minds in the United Conservative Party (UCP) have just figured out that firing thousands of workers before cold and flu season was not a good idea.  It really is difficult to underestimate the intelligence of this group.

Of course the memo still contains a lot of tough talk.  Returning workers must be tested at their own expense.  These moron’s still think they are in the driver’s seat right after admitting that they are not.  I suspect the tests will be paid for by taxpayers or dropped completely.  This announcement will make the New Year very interesting.  How do you impose vaccines on everyone else when health care workers are exempt?

Although I find the political damage to one of the most disgusting people in the country (Premier Jason Kenney) to be highly entertaining it is not my only reason to hope.  What I find most hopeful is how willing people are to make fun of politicians and their ridiculous edicts this Christmas.  A Tyrants power comes from the fear that they can instill.  When the public start to mock them they lose all power.  The following videos are the best Christmas gift possible in 2021.  Enjoy and have a merry Christmas.