We already know Boosters are not the Answer.

Before Christmas 3 people who know a lot of vaccines and viruses issued stark warnings about the COVID Vaccines.

First we have the inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone.  Sorry, I misfiled the copy I had that could be embedded.  This is the only other one I have found and you will need to follow the link.


Next Geert Vandenbosche.


And finally, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi.


These men all point out the vaccines are making the situation worse not better.  People who are not killed outright survive with a weakened immune system that leaves them more vulnerable to everything including COVID.

The warnings from these men are getting louder because we keep ignoring them.  Instead we have placed our faith in Government who tell us boosters are the answer.  You really need to be a moron to believe that a third or fourth shot will work when the first 2 did not, or that it would somehow cause less damage than the first 2.  Unfortunately the world is full of morons and most of them work for government.

At best these treatments offer only temporary protection.  There is ample data supporting that.  Data that also went largely ignored.  In Canada, due to the Trudeau Liberals incompetence, the second doses were rolled out in the summer.  I warned months ago that the timing would be problematic.  Canadian’s protection would wane during the peak of Cold and Flu season.  Once again I wish I was wrong but simple logic does tend to lead you to the correct answer more often than naught.  This is what happened in Ontario this week.

Fully Vaccinated Ontarians now have no protection against COVID and they are not alone.  We see the same in Alberta.

This could be the vaccine waning at the worst possible time or it could be Omicron.  Omicron is very vaccine resistant but since that was caused by the vaccine the point is moot.  The vaccines are no longer effective in Canada and this developed quickly in a matter of only a few weeks.

This rapid turnaround in Canada will cause government to rabidly push for boosters because they are both stupid and desperate to recover the vaccine narrative.

Canadian’s are about to learn the hard way that boosters are not the answer.  The latest study out of Denmark shows that the booster shots provide less than 2 months protection.  Worse than that after 3 months they turn negative; you are more likely to get COVID.


It should be noted that this study was not done by skeptics, it was done by hard core COVIDiots who wanted to prove that boosters will work on Omicron.  In fact that was their conclusion.  They were happy that the vaccine worked for 2 months and not at all phased that after 3 months the vaccine effectiveness was highly negative.  This plot is from their paper.  Delta effectiveness are the top points, the bottom points with the large confidence intervals are omicron.

With Pfizer protection is near zero at 61 to 90 days (circled in orange) and highly negative after that (circled in red).  Moderna has highly uncertain confidence intervals and could be negative from day one.

I am not COVIDiot so when I look at this data I do not see an argument for boosters.  Quite the opposite in fact.  The first 2 shots give you 6 months of protection.  The third only 2 months.  How long will the 4th shot last?  How many shots can you take before the protection will be measured in hours?  At what point will you need to walk around with a vaccine pump that continually injects you?

There are obviously diminishing returns with each booster and they come at a high cost.  As the good doctors all point out each time you are injected you incur further immune system damage.  It is time to stop the madness.  Do not show up for your booster.  Going to a restaurant is just not worth the risk you are taking.