Omicron Fear is Waning faster than the Vaccines

Once again the SARS COV 2 virus has refused to cooperate with government.  The plan was to have a final dangerous new variant for Christmas to justify complete lockdowns and usher in the great reset.  Unfortunately the tyrants are finding out that Omicron is simply not that variant.

With each passing day it becomes clearer that omicron is nothing to worry about.  Sure it is highly transmissible and has driven infection levels to record highs in some countries.

But what Omicron has not done is make people very sick.  Below is the ICU admissions for the same 3 European countries.  They have record levels of infection but do not have record levels of ICU admissions.  The only country that even got close was Germany and it is already over in Germany.  ICU admissions have peaked and are falling rapidly.

This does not even give a complete picture of how mild Omicron is.  As Paul Joseph Watson points out 40% of the people in hospital with COVID are not in the hospital because of COVID.  They only found out they had COVID when the hospital tested them for COVID.


Governments really wanted a plague.  It would have made their plan easier to implement.  They did not get a plague so they needed to manufacture the fear a plague would have provided.  Once again governments have turned to the media for help.  In the US the media tried to ramp up fear by announcing Omicron’s first death in Texas.  The problem is that the patient did not die of COVID.


The media in the UK is using a different tactic.  They don’t have the data so they are falling back on irrational guilt.  Here is the front page of the Daily Express.

According to the media the threat of Omicron is so high that getting vaccinated is the best Christmas gift you can give to everyone.  There is of course a slight problem with that and I am not talking about the fact that you cannot protect anyone else with your own vaccine.  The problem is that the vaccines increase your chance of getting Omicron.

Being double jabbed makes you 230% more likely to get Omicron.  Triple jabbed is even worse at 450%.

The media is once again working overtime to support the great reset agenda.  They are resorting to all of the tactics that have worked before.  Every death is a COVID death and you should feel very guilty about that, especially if you do not obey government.  Thankfully, misinformation is a non-sterilizing vaccine.  Suppressing the truth does not kill the truth, eventually the truth finds a way around the suppression.  We seem to have reached the point where the media misinformation vaccine is losing its effectiveness.

Even Canadians are waking up.  This is not good for the COVID narrative.  When the most irrational and complaint population on the planet starts to ignore the fear you know it is over.  Shaking off the yoke of fear truly is the best Christmas gift ever.  When governments lose fear they lose control.  It is time for the people to take back control.