Ignorance is the Governments Ally in their War against Us

A Friend of mine sent me these 2 posts from the same author.

18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine (deconstructingconventional.com)

17 More Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine (deconstructingconventional.com)

They are a good read but there really is not anything in them that has not already been discussed on my blog and that is the point.  Every sane rational person, regardless of their education, who looks at the data comes to the same conclusions.

  1. COVID is nothing more than a bad seasonal flu. There was no emergency and therefore no reason for almost everything that was done to us.
  2. Governments made this non-emergency worse than it needed to be. They killed people through enforced medical neglect and malpractice.  People healthy enough to escape the virus were damaged directly by the imposition of lockdowns.
  3. Governments have been manipulating the data. Cases and deaths have been wildly over reported while vaccine injuries are systemically under reported.
  4. The vaccines make absolutely no sense. Almost no one needs these vaccines because the disease poses very little risk to any young healthy person.  mRNA vaccines have always failed in the lab and therefore have never been administered to humans.  What is the logic behind using an unproven technology, with a poor test record, to combat a seasonal flu?
  5. Coercing people to take an unnecessary medical treatment is criminal, it clearly violate the Nuremburg code.
  6. There is a consistency and coordination of government action that cannot be ignored.

Everyone who bothers to look comes to the same conclusions.  You don’t even need to look that hard.  You can spend hours reading papers and analyzing data, as some of us do, or you can just look to places that did not succumb to the madness.  Places like Florida.

Florida initially followed the herd in to lockdown.  After 2 weeks when there was no apparent impact on the trajectory of the outbreak, Ron DeSantis decided to behave as a real scientist.  He tested his hypothesis that a lockdown would mitigate the outbreak.  He collected data that showed that was not happening.  Then like a good scientist he abandoned a false hypothesis and moved on.  As a result one of the few leaders in the world behaving like a scientist is constantly dismiss as someone who is not following the “science”.

That is what is so discouraging about this whole mess.  You do not need to spend a lot of time on the data to know that governments are wrong.  You just need to look at places that are doing things differently.  None of those places are having any more problems with the virus than we are.  They just have far fewer problems with Government.  Even a cursory examination of the data shows that martial law is not an antiviral.  Abandoning our human rights has not improved public health.  Eliminating individual rights only benefits government.

What our governments are doing is obviously wrong yet even after 2 years most people do not see it.  They do not see it because they simply have not bothered to look.  Ignorance is bliss.  A return to normal is thwarted at every turn by ignorance.

Over the holidays I had a few conversations with people about COVID.  I am not shy about sharing my conclusions so most people know where I stand.  When I speak to those people they often start by saying “I know you believe”, to which I respond that “it is not about belief”.  “These are my conclusions drawn by analysis of readily available data”.

Often these people will admit that I know a lot more about COVID than they do largely because they have spent absolutely no time on any research.  Still they insist that their beliefs should be given equal considerations to my conclusions.  When I point out that the data shows the exact opposite of what they believe they are unmoved.  Normally they challenge the source of my data.  When I tell them the source of the data they refuse to look while never producing any data to support their belief.  At best they point me to a news article that implanted their opinion for them.

The most bizarre reaction I got to my insistence that the data should guide our conclusions was that the data always changes so we can’t use it.  That statement is a complete denial of reality.  Data never changes.  Our interpretation of data can change with time but the data never changes.  That is how science works.  That’s what makes science so messy and ignorance so attractive.  Ignorance is so certain.  Conclusions drawn from ignorance need never change because ignorance never changes.

For the last 2 years ignorance has been the most important tool in the government kit.  They fuel it with constant misinformation.  Misinformation that cannot stand up to 10 seconds worth of logically analysis but the government need not worry.  Most people will refuse to invest 10 seconds that might challenge their beliefs.  Willful ignorance is making this easy for government.