Somehow, it is not fraud when there are real victims

Donald Trump was recently convicted of fraud in New York State over bank loans he took and paid in full.  He was fined 355 million dollars and banned from running businesses in the state for 3 years despite the fact it is difficult to find a victim of his fraud.  No one was injured, no one died, and no one lost any money.  His fraud conviction was based on the state’s contention that he never should have gotten the loans in the first place because he overvalued the assets used as collateral.  The State’s assessment of Trumps holding was dramatically lower than Trump’s assessment and the lending bank’s assessment.  Because of course lawyers and judges are much better at evaluating real estate values than real-estate developers and banks that routinely evaluate real-estate used as collateral for loans.

Trumps conviction sets the bar for a fraud conviction in New York very low which makes me wonder one thing.  How the hell can Pfizer sell COVID vaccines in New York?  Pfizer’s original adult trail was obviously fraudulent.  Pfizer even admitted the trial was fraudulent as their defense in a lawsuit.

Basically the judge ruled that there was no fraud because the government knew the jabs were unsafe and ineffective when they signed the contract.  Remarkably this was Pfizer’s defense all along.  Since everyone involved in the transaction knew the product was defective there can be no fraud.  The only party that was defrauded was taxpayers and they don’t count.

Pfizer then went on to an adolescent trial which was just as fraudulent because they ignored serious vaccine injuries on their way to claiming the jabs were safe for adolescents.  Now we find that Pfizer’s child trials met the same non rigorous standard as the first 2 fraudulent trials.


Pfizer dropped 3000 children from the trial.  That is 2/3rds of the original participants.  The red flag could not be any larger.  If we were taking bets as too how many children were injured in this trial, I would pick 3000.

Pfizer is 3 for 3.  They have committed fraud 3 times to get 3 approvals.  They even admitted in open court that the first trial was fraudulent.  People have been injured, people have died, and taxpayers were defrauded of billions, yet Pfizer still sells these products in New York.  I guess as long as Pfizer steers clear of real estate they won’t have any problems in New York.