Every COVID policy was a crime

Two Swedish academics recently publish a paper on the effectiveness of lockdowns.  At the height of the pandemic Legacy media turned Sweden in to a pariah for not choosing hard lockdowns.  Sweden had restrictions but they did not close schools or businesses.  It was largely life as usual with a few minor inconveniences.  Government compliant academics also joined the attack by publishing papers “proving” lockdown effectiveness.  According to legacy media and government funded academics it is a miracle a single Swede survived.

So how did the Swedes survive without draconian lockdowns?  Well, according to Fredrik N G Andersson and Lars Jonung of Lund University, Swedes survived because lockdowns did not work anyway.  Not only did lockdowns not work but they increased the number of people who died.

countries that imposed more lockdown measures did not experience lower excess death rates.

In fact, our paper found a positive correlation between harsher lockdowns and excess deaths, though this was not statistically significant

I am not surprised at all with the findings of this paper as I did my own rudimentary analysis in the summer of 2021 that showed exactly the same thing.

It is impossible to completely lockdown a society.  Essential services still must remain open so people will still be moving around.  Shutting down most businesses while leaving the big box stores open just funnels everyone in to the same spot.  This does nothing other than increase the spread of an airborne virus as everyone breaths the same virus laden air.  The trick to mitigating spread is to reduce the viral load in the air.

Had we made the logical conclusion that the virus is airborne we would have realized the only impactful measure would have been better building ventilation.  Draw in fresh air from outside and discharge contaminated air outside where sunlight will destroy the virus.  The more times a day you completely turn over building air the better.  The government could have offered grants to upgrade ventilation in public buildings.  This would have been expensive but it would have worked.  It also would have created rather than destroyed jobs.  The improved ventilation would have been beneficial during every subsequent influenzas season.

Prior to COVID we knew better building ventilation is the only effective mitigation measure for an airborne virus.  Do you remember the government offering subsidies to improve building ventilation?  Yeah, neither do I.  We did many things that had no chance of helping while carefully avoiding the one thing that would.  Why do you think that happened?

Nothing that happened during COVID was an accident or the result of simple stupidity.  The abject stupidity of modern western governments made it easier but the root cause was malice.  Lockdowns and Vaccine mandates were a crime.  The people who caused this must be punished.