Fear + Division = Compliance

When the lockdowns were announced in March of 2020 I knew the government and health agencies were lying.  To me they were telling obvious lies and I was not the only one who smelled a rat.


But while there were people raising the alarm most of the public ignored them.  They blithely allowed themselves to be placed in a funnel that emptied out on mandatory vaccination.  Except the injections they received were not vaccines and were not at all safe.  3 years later some unfortunate people have discovered that Myocarditis is never mild and the only solution offered to jab induced paralysis is assisted suicide.


So how did it come to this?  Why did so many people take a treatment that they knew nothing about and that they did not need?  Unfortunately it turns out that manipulating great numbers of people is not that difficult.  All it requires is a little fear, a little division, and a sociopath in the wrong position.


We did not have a pandemic.  All we had was a handful of sociopaths in the right positions to profit politically and financially from our misery.  From the first day of the lockdowns COVID was a crime.  The largest crime in history and we are still allowing them to get away with it.  We should not have demonized the unmasked or the unvaccinated.  We should have saved our ire for the real demons; the politicians that were either evil enough or stupid enough to inflict this upon us.