The trail leads to Trudeau

A couple of days ago the New York Post finally acknowledged what has been obvious to any sane person from the very beginning.  The SARS COV-2 virus is not natural.  It was engineered in a Chinese lab.  As a member of the Legacy media the post is loath to tell the truth so they did not delve in to the most important details of the virus development.  The release was not an accident and China did not act alone.  China received financing from the Americans (Fauci) and technical support from Canada.


In January of 2021 the RCMP arrested 2 researchers working in a Winnipeg bio lab.  The story got very little media coverage because as Poilievre pointed out the Trudeau Liberals did everything they could to bury it.  This is just one more example of the Trudeau liberals supporting a Chinese communist agenda.  Trudeau’s unconditional support of the Chinese communist party is becoming so obvious even the media can’t help but notice a disturbing pattern.

The Trudeau government has an appalling record of failing to stand on guard for the security of Canadians in the face of China’s interference with our democracy.

Canadians really need to pull their heads out of their backsides and ask why China receives so much support when there seems to be no benefit to Canada for providing the support.  Why did we do any of this?

  • Allow China to open illegal police stations in Canada so that they could harass Chinese immigrants and dissidents.
  • Look the other way while China interfered with Canadian elections.
  • Give China a retired air force base in Alberta thereby giving China unfettered access to Canadian airspace.
  • Allow Chinese military to conduct cold weather training exercises in Canada.
  • Ignore the activities of 2 Chinese spies working in a top secret Bio lab until China received everything they needed to victimize the entire earth.

The sad truth is that under the Trudeau liberals Canada has become nothing more than a vassal state of Communist China.  Maybe that is why Trudeau claims that Canada is a post National state.  We are no longer an independent state just a Chinese colony.

By surrendering our sovereignty to Communist China Just Trudeau made Canada a COVID coconspirator.  The COVID plandemic is the largest crime in history and Trudeau placed Canada right in the center of it.  Every Canadian should be ashamed by what we have allowed that overgrown child to do to a once great country.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    This is flat out treason. The shocking thing is that Trudeau still enjoys 25% direct support in Canada and another 25% through the lapdog NDP. We have descended below Banana Republic status and now must rank amongst the most corrupt countries of the world.

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