The Clown Car destination is WW3

Recently several NATO countries including Canada, France, and the United States have openly mused about sending troops to the Ukraine.  Let’s put aside for one minute how laughably absurd it is to think Canada could send their woefully equipped, horribly understaffed military anywhere and ask the question why?  Why do we need to send troops to fight Russia?  This is the reason given by a senile old man installed in the white house by hacked voting machines and fake mail in ballots.

President Joe Biden delivered his sternest warning yet to congressional Republicans balking at approving more aid to Ukraine: Pay up now or you’ll pay more later, forced to send U.S. troops to fight Russian soldiers when an emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin moves in on a NATO member country.

So NATO troops must die because of something Joe Biden thinks Russia might do in the future.  This is shades of George Bush and the phony weapons of mass destruction.  I know supporters of getting other people killed will tell you if we don’t act it will be a repeat of Nazis Germany.  Putin will sweep through Europe invading country after country just as Hitler did.

There is one big problem with this narrative.  There is no evidence that Putin has any intentions of invading the rest of Europe.  When Hitler started his campaign he invaded without warning and with overwhelming force.  By contrast Putin invaded with a relatively small force.  The largest part of his army still remains in Russia indicating Putin expects to be invaded by NATO not the other way around.  There was also nothing surprising about Putin’s invasion.  He had been warning NATO for decades that he would not tolerate their interference in Ukraine.

No one can tell what another person thinks but judging by his actions Putin has no intentions of starting WW3.  That can’t be said about NATO.  Not only are they constantly beating the war drums but it seems some NATO countries already have boots on the ground in Ukraine.  An audio recording has leaked recently of 2 German officials discussing sending cruise missiles to the Ukraine and taking an active role targeting the missiles.  In the conversation they also discuss how the UK, France, and the US already have troops in Ukraine.

Gerhartz : Do you think it is possible to hope that Ukraine will be able to do everything on its own? After all, it is known that there are many people there in civilian clothes who speak with an American accent.

Apparently the leak came from a virtual meeting on an insecure platform.

German outlet Der Spiegel reported that the virtual meeting did not take place via a secure line, but via the Webex platform.

It seems incredible that a discussion like this could happen on an easily intercepted internet platform but the leak seems genuine because the German government is investigating how it happened.  This should alarm everyone.  It is alarming enough to find out that NATO already has boots on the ground but that is not what really scares me.  What scares me is that we are being pushed in to WW3 by people too stupid to use secure communications.

I have posted about this before.  The west is run by the largest collection of brain dead clowns in world history.  Our inept and corrupt political leadership have in turn corrupted all of our institutions.  The diversity hire generals and senior bureaucrats will lead our troops to slaughter.  These people are so stupid they can’t acknowledge that in 2 years they have been wrong about the Ukraine every single time.  They thought Russia could be defeated by sanctions that Putin was obviously prepared for.  Then they thought a smaller poorly trained Ukraine military would roll over Russia on the battel field.

Their perfect track record of errors has wiped out an entire generation of Ukrainians.  Now the same group of mentally deficient war mongers wants to send your son or daughter to fight.  I know what my answer will be when they come for my children.  You better decide what your answer will be.  WW3 is closer than you think.