The Jabs were never necessary, they weren’t even Mildly Beneficial

A well-known nurse practitioner in the UK has issued a statement calling for a suspension of the COVID vaccinations.  The video below is Dr.  Campbell reading the statement.


The Jabs have ruined a lot of lives.  This is an uncomfortable truth for vaccine advocates.  They know it needs to stop but they want it done in a way that deflects blame.  The narrative they want to run with is that conditions have changed.  In 2021 vaccine rewards far outweighed the risks but now that the virus is no longer as deadly the risks do not justify the reward.

This is of course complete bullshit.  The rewards of this vaccine never outweighed the risks and that ratio has only gotten worse with time.   The people who pushed this vaccine are guilty of murder and they know it.  They are desperate to avoid prison and their defense will be that they only used the vaccines until they were no longer needed.  An AstraZeneca executive tried to invoke a similar defense while being roasted by a handful of honest members of the European parliament.

Christine Anderson asked who lied and the executive answered no one lied.  The AstraZeneca rep stated these dangerous Vaccines saved 20 million lives.  She even quoted the study that she says proves it.  The plot below is from that study.

Does that plot look like proof to you?  Does it even look like science?  Do you think that if vaccines had not comes along the virus would have suddenly become more dangerous and continue killing people unabated forever?  No virus in history has ever done this.  Every new virus does the same thing.  Vulnerable people die and then as the virus moves through the healthy population fewer die.  People develop a tolerance and the virus mutates in to a more virulent, less deadly, form like omicron.

The vaccines did not help with COVID.  The figure of 20 million saved is complete fiction.  Vaccine advocates are grasping at any straw to deflect blame.  Don’t let them get away with it.  They must be punished for their crimes.

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