The WHO confesses (sort of)

Is there another group more disgusting than Justin Trudeau and his government?  I think not.

The rest of the world is discussing vaccine injuries and debating whether the COVID vaccines are worth the risk.  In Canada however, discussion of vaccine injuries is still Taboo.  Instead of having rational discussions the Canadian Government invokes Santa Claus to turn children against their parents.  I am not particularly religious but I still hold out hope that there will be a special place in Hell for Justin Trudeau and Theresa Tam.

Canada is an oasis of COVID stupidity but elsewhere people are rediscovering how to use their brains.  The world Health Organization finds this very troubling so they have produced their own vaccine video that invokes fear rather than Santa Claus.


The WHO makes a couple of unsubstantiated claims in this video.  The first is that 200,000 Americans died because they did not get jabbed.  That claim is ridiculous because there is absolutely no evidence that mRNA COVID vaccines have saved a single life.  How can you die by refusing a treatment that does not improve your chance of surviving?  In fact there is plenty of evidence that more people have died because of these treatments.  As the Cleveland clinic has just demonstrated, the best way to get COVID is to get repeatedly jabbed.  The more times you get jabbed the better your chance of getting COVID.

The second claim is that anti-science behavior is killing more people than guns.  The WHO presents no data to support this which in itself is very anti-science behavior.  If this claim really is true then it amounts to a confession of murder by the WHO, the most anti-science organization on the planet.  So Tedros, if you are in a mood to confess maybe you can tell us just how many people has the WHO killed?


Critical Thinking is Rare

I saw something incredibly rare yesterday; a thoughtful interview by a Hollywood celebrity.  Russel Brand interviewed Tim Robbins in which they discussed Robbins’s conversion from COVID follower to COVID sceptic.


The intellectual journey that Tim Robbins completed was not just rare by the conformist standards of Hollywood.  Most people are unwilling to resist authority.  This was something that Stanley Milgram proved decades ago with his famous shock experiment.

Milgram designed an experiment where a “teacher” asked questions of a “student” wired to electrodes.  The teacher would ask questions and every time the student answered wrong he was shocked.  The voltage was increased with every successive shock.  None of the students were actually getting shocked.  They were all actors hired by Milgram but the teachers did not know this.  As far as the teachers knew the student was in pain and the pain increased as the voltage increased.

What Milgram found was that with the encouragement of an authority figure (another actor in a lab coat) 65% of people were willing to continually shock the student at ever increasing voltages.  65% of people were willing to victimize another human being as long as they were just following orders.  Only 35% were willing to think for themselves and resist authority.  Tim Robbins is apparently one of the 35%.

The experiment also showed that when the teacher could further absolve himself from responsibility by ordering a subordinate to deliver the shock, 92.5% were willing to continue.  This is why it is so easy for politicians to enact such immoral restrictions.  They are not the ones tackling people with masks or injecting a toxic substance.  Someone else does that for them.  As far as they are concerned their hands are clean even when people die from their edicts.

Critics of Milgram’s experiment point out that 50% of the subjects claim that they knew the shocks were not real.  I find this just lends more weight to his conclusions because 2/3rds of that 50% refused to continue shocking the student.  That is 100% of the people who would not conform.  In the group who thought it was real no one refused to shock the student.  To put that differently 100% of the people who did not have the critical thinking ability to understand they had been deceived, were willing to continue victimizing the student.

Don’t you also find it odd that 1/3 of the people who claim to have seen through the ruse continued to go along with it?  A far more likely explanation is that these people were fooled right until the end and were embarrassed about what they had done.  They were simply justifying their actions by claiming they knew no one was actually being harmed.  What Milgram proved was that 2 out of every 3 people cannot think critically and will conform to authority even when they know others will be harmed.  75% of them are not even embarrassed by their participation.  It turns out finding useful idiots or a guard to run the crematoriums is not a difficult task for government.

Truth might be slow but it is Permanent

In a sane world the COVID vaccines would have already been banned.  Unfortunately we do not live in a sane world.  We live in a world where millions of people think that Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Emanuel Macron, Boris Johnson, and Mark Rutte are qualified to run countries.  Millions more take science advice from high school dropouts like Leonardo DiCaprio and Greta Thunberg.  Somehow our society has hit a peak of technology and stupidity at the same time.  All of this is very depressing to anyone capable of independent thought, but as the New Year approaches, there are sign the world is not completely brain dead.  The vaccines may not be banned but the narrative is changing.

Dr. Sarah Branch is the director of Vigilance and Risk Management of Medicines in the UK.  Dr. Branch is still advocating for Pfizer Profits and Government corruption but her subtle change in messaging is quite interesting.  The UK government has just admitted that the vaccines are too risky for some people.  They are still trying to claim that the majority will benefit but they have finally admitted not everyone should take them.  For the UK this is the first leak in the dyke.  I expect that the language will continue to change as the government is forced to admit these treatments don’t make sense for anyone.

Make no mistake this is not a change of heart by the UK government.  They would still prefer to vaccinate at gun point.  The language has only changed because public opinion is changing.  There is simply too much evidence of vaccine injuries and not enough evidence of vaccine benefits to continue the charade much longer.  But it is not really the science that is making the difference.  It is the fact that people are no longer afraid to discuss vaccine injuries.

More Medical professionals are finally starting to speak our publicly like this doctor who explains getting jabbed is analogous to playing Russian roulette.  You can get away with it sometimes but not every time.

Some of the people speaking out now have very high profiles.  The past president of the Australian Medical Association has finally broken her silence.  She is no longer willing to conceal the severe vaccine injuries that both she and her partner have suffered.  Australian governments went full Nazis during COVID but high profile Australians are speaking out forcefully.  The video below is Australian Senator Gerald Rennick passionately dropping 11 minutes of vaccine injury Truth bombs on the floor of the Australian senate.


Parts of the world are returning to sanity.  Things that were unspeakable even 2 months ago are now being discussed on the floors of legislatures.  Things are even changing in Canada but as per usually Canadians are still well behind the curve riding the short bus.  While the rest of the world is debating vaccine safety, Canada is still debating masks.

Ontario’s chief medical officer loves masks.  He thinks we should still mandate masks even though he has been forced to admit that masks may have been harmful.  No one is ever going to accuse Dr. Moore of being very bright but he is at least consistent.  Consistency is not a problem for British Columbia’s top Doc, Bonnie Henry, who just flip-flopped on masks.  Dr. Henry enforced masks for COVID but now admits that masks cannot stop influenzas and rhinoviruses.  A real journalist would have asked how a piece of cloth could stop COVID but no other airborne viruses of the same size.


You know the narrative is changing when even thoroughly corrupt Canadian officials are forced to change or deny their previous lies.   That is the problem with lies; lies can’t be sustained forever.  As truth is revealed lies will change until they collapse.  Lies are temporary.  Truth is permanent; even in Canada.

The Accounting Reveals an uncomfortable Truth

Governments spend a lot of money.  It is their favorite thing to do.  They are very good at spending money but not very good at spending it wisely.  Government bureaucrats pretend that they are responsible with our money by producing detailed accounting of who received the money with some sort of excuse as to what service they provided.  If you take the time to peruse the accounting normally you find the money went to friends and family for unnecessary or even imaginary services.  The Trudeau liberals in particular don’t seem to know any companies controlled by anyone other than family members.

If you bother to look it is easy to find government theft in the accounting but sometime you find things even more interesting than theft.  An enterprising, actual, journalist combed through the accounting ledger of the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and found a couple eye popping expenses.  The NIAID issued 2 contracts one with Moderna for the development of a corona virus disease and the other with Labyrinth Global Health for COVID-19 research.  Those contracts don’t seem that unusual until you look at the dates.

The Official COVID narrative is that in December of 2019 people in China started to fall ill from an unknown virus.  The first sample of this new virus was genetically sequenced on Dec 31st 2019.  The WHO issued a public health warning on Jan 30th 2020 and declared a pandemic on March 11th 2020.  Labyrinth received their COVID-19 research contract on Nov 12th 2019; 6 weeks before the disease was even named COVID-19.  Moderna got their contract on December 12th 2019.  Nearly 3 weeks before the virus was discovered and sequenced.  A full 4 months before the pandemic declaration.

It would be a gross understatement to say that the NIAID was way ahead of the curve on this one.  Somehow they contracted Labyrinth to study a disease 6 weeks before the first official diagnosis of the disease.  They even got the name right.  Then they gazed in to their crystal ball and contracted Moderna to produce a coronavirus vaccine 3 weeks before they knew this as yet undiagnosed disease was caused by a coronavirus.  Not just one but 2 remarkable coincidences; really what are the odds?

The NIAID accounting is just more evidence supporting what I have been saying for 18 months.  This whole thing was planned.  They engineered a virus and released it intentionally.  The goal was always mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports.  These tyrants want to control us right down to the cellular level.  Have you had enough of government yet?


Corruption runs Deep

The COVID vaccine programs were always a train wreck waiting to happen.  Vaccine programs were destined to fail because they were based on 2 ridiculous assumptions.  The vaccines will benefit everyone and are risk free.  The first assumption of universal benefit was the biggest lie.  The second assumption of zero risk was the most dangerous.

Multiple studies and the real world example of the Diamond princess proved that 80% of people would never get COVID.  Natural innate immunity to the SARS COV-2 was so high that most people would never get COVID as long as they were not foolish enough to take a treatment that suppresses their immune system.  You cannot claim universal benefit when 80% of the population does not benefit.

Zero risk was not just a dangerous assumption it was an outright lie.  There is no such thing as a medical treatment that carries no risk.  History is full of examples of medical treatments that proved to be very harmful that’s why in May of 2021 I wrote this.

Safe is a relative term.  Nothing is completely safe.  You can die from drinking too much water.  All vaccines carry some risk yet most of them are considered safe.  Compared to other vaccines the COVID vaccines are not safe.  They are already the deadliest Vaccines in History.  I also believe that in time we will discover that the vaccine deaths are being undercounted.  After Israel started their vaccination program an unusual number of seniors died.  I have no doubt the vaccine deaths in Canada are also undercounted.

Even though there have been more problems than other vaccines, can’t they still be considered safe?  After all the government says they are safe.  The truth is that there is no possible way the government can know these Vaccines are safe.  They are far too new.  The Covid Vaccines had no animal trials and only a limited 2 month human trial.  It can take years to realize the full impact of any new treatment.  Thalidomide was considered safe for 6 years before it was finally banned. 

In short the vaccine programs failed because no consideration was given to risk vs reward.  Doctors know that chemotherapy is very risky.  That is why they don’t give it to people who do not have cancer.  The risk is high for everyone but the reward goes only to people with cancer.  Most people were not at risk from COVID therefore there was no reward from vaccination.  There was however risk.  It does not matter how small you thought the risk would be the math was always negative.


It was painfully obvious before the first needle went in the first arm that we should have exercised caution.  We knew very few people would benefit from the treatments and we had no idea how harmful they might be.  We should have adopted a wait and see approach where vaccines were offered to only high risk groups.  Vaccinating everyone was just plain stupid.

Because we focused on an exaggerated reward and ignored potential risk, millions of people were harmed.  So many people have now been harmed that even the FDA has admitted the vaccines are linked to serious adverse events.  The FDA just published a paper with the following conclusions.

Four outcomes met the threshold for a statistical signal following BNT162b2 vaccination including pulmonary embolism (PE; RR = 1.54), acute myocardial infarction (AMI; RR = 1.42), disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC; RR = 1.91), and immune thrombocytopenia (ITP; RR = 1.44). 

That is fancy science talk saying that the vaccines cause serious heart and circulatory problems including blood clots.  Or to simplify it even more the conclusions could have been written as “COVID vaccines cause sudden death”.  A finding like this should have resulted in approvals being cancelled but it did not.  The people who just proved the vaccines kill recommended that we keep using them.

The FDA just concluded killing people is not a good reason to interrupt Pfizer’s cash flow.  To understand why they would come to this strange conclusion you need to know this.  The people on the vaccine advisory boards are all on Pfizer’s payroll.


Money talks and Pfizer has a lot of it.  Much of the money Pfizer spends came directly out of your bank account through taxation.  Pfizer is using money stolen from you to fuel government corruption.  Governments support these high risk no reward treatments because they are paid to support them.  Their silence and willful blindness is proof of their corruption.


The most important question no one is asking about Twitter

Elon Musk is slowly pulling back the veil on how involved the American Government was with Twitter censorship.  The latest revelations about weekly meetings with various government officials makes twitter seem more like an arm of the government than a social media platform.  Incredible it is not even clear which government twitter served.  As tucker Carlson points out twitter had an unusual concentration of retired agents from multiple foreign intelligence services.


I would say it is very questionable that any of these “retired” agents were actually retired.  Twitter appears to have been one giant Psy-op conducted with cooperating foreign governments.  That brings me to what I think is an incredibly important question.  What makes you think this was only happening at twitter?

That may sound very Tin foil Hattish but the FBI openly admits that they work with private companies to achieve government objectives.

 “The FBI regularly engages with private sector entities to provide information specific to identified foreign malign influence actors’ subversive, undeclared, covert, or criminal activities. Private sector entities independently make decisions about what, if any, action they take on their platforms and for their customers after the FBI has notified them,” the FBI said in a statement.

Twitter is just the tip of the iceberg.  How many Government Agents work at Facebook, YouTube, or in the legacy media?  Our own governments have been conducting a covert war against us for a very long time.  The FBI all but admitted that.  Is it still considered a conspiracy theory to believe government when they tell us we are intentionally being manipulated?

The Jabs kill in more ways than you can Imagine

The media is finally paying attention to people dying suddenly.  By now almost everyone has heard a story of someone who has died suddenly.  So how big a problem is it?  Can we trust a media with a track record of turning a mountain in to a mole hill?  Media hype enabled one bad flu season in 2020 to shut down economies and destroy civil liberties all over the world.  So is the media’s recent interest in sudden death a sign we have a problem or is it just more hype?  I will let you decide that for yourself.  The plot below is from Germany (some of the annotations are mine).  It shows the number of people who have died suddenly each quarter for the last 6 years.

As you can see from the plot, there have always been people who die suddenly, sometimes from unknown causes but usually from undiagnosed conditions found only after death.  The number of people in Germany who died suddenly was stable and trending up slightly as the population aged.  Then, in 2021 there was a dramatic change.  If I use a baseline from the trend of the previous 5 years I find that in the last 5 quarters 39,000 more Germans have died suddenly than what would be considered normal.

Make no mistake about it Sudden Death is now an epidemic.  The media is finally reporting this and are blaming it on anything but the COVID Jabs despite the fact the deaths did not occur until after needles started going in to arms.  The correlation of the deaths to the jabs is not a coincidence.  A recently released German study used autopsies to conclusively prove the COVID vaccines can and do kill.  There should be no more debate over what is causing the epidemic of Sudden Death.

The jabs kill and the German government has already used them to kill at least 39,000 citizens.  Unfortunately for both Germans and non-Germans, refusing the jab does not keep you safe from government.  Accepting a needle is not the only way your blood can be damaged by the jabs.  This week an American baby was killed with a blood transfusion.  The parents were justifiable afraid of vaccinated blood so they had arranged donations from unvaccinated volunteers.  Somehow the hospital lost track of the unvaccinated blood and substituted blood from their normal supply.

I have only one question.  Was this a tragic mistake or did the unvaccinated blood go to someone deemed more important?  If it is the second answer it means the medical establishment knows damn well the blood supply is no longer safe.  All thanks to the Jabs.

The is nothing Honorable about Everett Hindley

If you want to know what is wrong with Canada you only need to watch this exchange between Nadine Wilson and Everett Hindley in the Saskatchewan Legislature.  Nadine Wilson used to be part of the ruling Saskatchewan Party.  She was thrown out for lying about her vaccination status.  Everett Hindley’s official title is Minister of mental health and Addiction, unofficially he is just a twat.  Keep in mind that Saskatchewan is the second most conservative province in Canada.


In Senator Johnson’s hearing one vaccine injury victim noted that vaccine injured people are treated as ghosts.  In Canada they aren’t just ghosts they are pariahs.  We have a new caste system in Canada where vaccine injured people are untouchables.  The ruling class won’t even acknowledge their existence.  Nadine Wilson thought she could force Premier Scott Moe and his government to acknowledge the people they had injured by inviting 6 of them in to the legislature.  She was wrong.

The steaming pile of human excrement named Everett Hindley would not even acknowledge the existence of 6 people who were in the same room with him.  Talk about willful blindness.  Everett Hindley would not have noticed any of them even if they came over and stat in his lap.

Parliamentary systems have a curious habit of addressing members as honorable.  Using that title to describe Everett Hindley is just a slap in the face to Saskatchewan voters.  Even in the second most conservative province in Canada it is far easier to find a vaccine injured person than it is to find an honorable politician.  Stick a fork in Canada, as a country it is done.

COVID is a tale of Ignorance, Profits, and Corruption

The British Parliament is holding debates on vaccine safety.  MP Andrew Bridgen took part in the debate with a very thoughtful speech.  Mr. Bridgen correctly pointed out that no one has refuted studies concluding COVID vaccines do far more harm than good.  If the vaccine advocates can’t prove the benefit of the vaccines outweigh the risks why would anyone use them?  That is a very good question Mr. Bridgen answers at the end of his speech by declaring that vaccine advocates are “sacrificing citizens on the altar of ignorance and corporate profits”.


Ignorance and corporate profits is the perfect choice of words to define western society; especially the ignorance part.  We have suffered through 3 years of COVID nonsense because of ignorance; a very active, willful, ignorance.  Did you notice how empty the house was when MP Bridgen spoke?  Most MP’s chose not to hear what he had to say.  The handful that did stay to listen was already convinced the vaccines were harmful.  Not a single vaccine advocate stayed to refute anything that MP Bridgen said.

I can think of 2 reasons that not a single vaccine advocate stayed to listen to MP Bridgen.

  1. They prefer to remain ignorant to use it as a defense in case the COVID vaccine farce unravels.
  2. Their future income would be negatively impacted if they even appear to acknowledge the existence of vaccine injuries.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  We have allowed governments to grow unchecked.  Governments were formed to build roads and supply some services.  They were never meant to have the power to regulate every aspect of our lives but now they do.  During COVID governments chose who would be allowed to work and who would not.  They destroyed lives by simply calling a press conference and changing the rules on a whim.

Their power went unchecked, it was absolute, is it any wonder then that corruption exists?  If you want to know which British MPs are making money on the COVID plandemic just identify the MPs who chose not to debate MP Bridgen.  The Empty Benches in the British parliament tells me corrupt British politicians outnumber the honest ones by a wide margin.

Government Corruption exists because we allow it to exist, everywhere.  In Canada our Prime Minister has accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign governments and corporations.  The money did not go straight in to his bank account.  Instead it went into his retirement fund also known as the Trudeau foundation.   7 years ago when our finance minister was first elected she could not get a mortgage without a cosigner.  Now she is a millionaire.  Her salary cannot explain her sudden wealth.

When we look outside of Canada and Britain we see the same pattern.  Every US senator and congressman who wants to become a millionaire becomes a millionaire.  Not a single one of them do this by serving the taxpayers in any way shape or form.  Politicians in every country serve the corporations and foreign dictators who make them wealthy. Take for example the Vice President of the European Union who was just arrested for taking money from Qatar.

You really must wonder what she did to piss people off enough that they let this happen.  They are obviously serving her up as a sacrificial lamb to convince people that the European Parliament does not condone corruption.  This is of course not true.  The European Parliament, like every western government, is rife with corruption.  COVID could not have happened otherwise.


Contract Killers don’t always use a Gun

A few days ago in a post I pointed out that the most common side effect of a COVID vaccine is a COVID infection.  That is bizarre but true.  For many reasons the COVID vaccine makes you more likely to get COVID.  It is shocking that anyone would take the damn things.  I mean would you take the measles vaccine if it made you more likely to get measles?

Of course no one took the jabs with the expectation that it would cause them to get COVID.  They were told it would prevent them from getting COVID.  In short they were lied to by the pharmaceutical companies and the regulating authorities.  When it became apparent that the vaccines would not prevent infection the lie was changed.  People were told you should still get vaccinated because while it would not prevent infection it would still prevent serious infection.

It is true that vaccinated people rarely suffer serious COVID infections but it is also true that unvaccinated people rarely suffer serious infections.  If the vaccine did offer added protection from serious illness we should have seen that in the numbers.  COVID deaths should have dropped dramatically especially in countries were 80% or more adults are vaccinated.  That did not happen.  In a previous post I showed that the infection fatality ratio did not change after vaccine programs began.

Let’s take a moment to consider that math.  The Vaccine makes you more likely to get COVID but it does not make you any less likely to die of COVID.  When I do that math I find that the COVID vaccines substantially increased the number of people who died from COVID.  Dr.  Claire Craig demonstrated this point 2 days ago with this simple plot.

After the first wave of COVID in 2020, Africa and Asia had very similar per Capita COVID deaths.  The cumulative death totals start to diverge dramatically in April of 2021 which coincidentally was when the Asian countries started their vaccination programs.

African countries started vaccinating much later and 4 out of 5 Africans are still unvaccinated.  This was not by design.  The African nations simply do not have the resources to conduct massive vaccination programs.  It seems that poverty saved millions of Africans from dying of COVID.  Or more correctly they were saved from dying of a vaccine induced COVID infection.

We were told that COVID vaccines would stop infection and therefore the pandemic.  The opposite happened.  More people died of COVID because they chose to take the vaccines.  The Jabs increased the death toll even without considering the other Vaccine injuries, which are substantial.  Unfortunately, no one is allowed to sue the pharmaceutical companies for the deaths and injuries they caused but Governor Ron DeSantis has found a workaround.  He is going to sue them for fraud.

The Pharmaceutical companies committed fraud.  Their products never had the effectiveness that they claimed.  This Florida grand jury has the potential to blow the lid off the entire COVID vaccine scam because it was not just the pharmaceutical companies that lied.  Government regulating agencies like the FDA and CDC also lied.  Health Bureaucrats and politicians lied and they don’t have Pfizer’s legal indemnity.

Many of these people profited directly from their lies.  Their lies killed people so the liars profited from murder.  How can you see these vaccine induced COVID deaths as anything other than contract killings?  Murder for hire is still carries a death sentence in Florida.  I can hardly wait to see how this plays out.