The Deep State has Deep Roots

Elon Musk is certainly making waves with his latest revelation that twitter did collude with the Democrat party to suppress the Hunter Biden Lap top story.  To some this was just confirmation of what we already knew but to others it has been quite eye opening.


The swamp is real and it is deeper than you can possibly imagine.  The swamp is the deep state, a permanent ruling class that does not always include the politicians you vote for.  In this case Donald Trump was definitely not part of the deep state.  He was a threat to the deep state and they dealt with him by colluding with media.  Sadly most of the media are also part of the deep state.

The twitter/democrat party collusion is a glaring example of the deep state in action.  It happened in the United States but don’t kid yourself; the deep state is not just an American phenomena.  The deep state is everywhere in every country and it has roots down in to every level of the bureaucracy.  Our governments are rotten on the inside right down to the lowest levels.  We saw this clearly during COVID where scenes like this one in Melbourne played out all over the world.

Ordinary police officers are part of the deep state and many of them don’t even know it.  Their leaders sent them out to abuse the rights of ordinary citizens; they did it with extreme violence and with without question.  The deep state is a few corrupt leaders issuing orders to useful idiots who victimize citizens for a paycheck.  COVID clearly illustrated not just the existence of the deep state but also its deadly cruelty.


The deep state is responsible for thousands of deaths in the last 3 years alone.  Jordan Petersen thinks that it is because governments are no longer capable of sophisticated policy making.  I like Jordan Petersen and admire his willingness to speak out, but I find that he never quite hits the bullseye.  Governments have never been capable of sophisticated policy making.  That is not what has changed.  The only difference now is that governments no longer have any incentive to do the right thing.

It does not take many people to establish a deep state but it does take time.  You need to have the right people in the right places.  It is not that difficult to corrupt the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) with Brenda Lucki in charge.  The Deep state did not miraculously form prior to COVID.  Some very disgusting people have been working on it for a very long time and in some cases it has been a generational effort.  Justin Trudeau is just finishing what his Step Father Pierre started.

If you have difficulty believing the deep state has been around for generations consider this.  George Carlin has been dead for 14 years and he was warning people about the deep state long before his death.


The Reason things seem to be so insane now is that the Deep state is so firmly entrenched they no longer fear the citizens.  They believe their control is so complete that they can’t be stopped; there is no longer a need to hide their intentions.  Any thing is now possible; they can restrict our movements and even starve us.

We let this happen but we do not need to let it continue.  Ordinary people outnumber the leaders of the deep state by more than a million to one.  If we just say no it will end but unfortunately it will not end quickly.  An organization that took generations to consolidate power will be very difficult to remove but the longer we wait the harder it will be.  The Deep state’s roots are already deep and growing deeper every day.

Placating Lunatics always ends badly

Yesterday I posted another article on just how foolish climate change policies are.  Then later I found this great article.  Gregory Wrightstone correctly points out that there is no reason to make any concessions to the climate change lunatics.  They do not have science on their side.  There is no scientifically defensible reason to prevent the obvious benefits of higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

Dr. William Happer, professor emeritus in the Department of Physics at Princeton University, has coauthored a paper that shows that the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide is limited to a narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum and cannot cause dangerous heating of the planet.

“Carbon dioxide is completely natural,” he says. “Plants need it to grow. We all breathe out about two pounds of it every day. When people say that we need to remove carbon dioxide from the air, I can’t imagine what they are thinking because today there is not enough carbon dioxide compared to what plants would prefer. We are living in a time of a carbon dioxide famine in the context of geological history. We need more of it not less.

That will sound very familiar to anyone who reads this blog.  There is no downside to higher CO2.  The small amount of warming and increased crop yield from more CO2 will be enormously beneficial to humans and the planet.  We should never have made a single concession to these lunatics but we did and this is what we get.  The county of Oxfordshire is planning to lower carbon emissions by locking people in their neighborhoods.

Oxfordshire County Council yesterday approved plans to lock residents into one of six zones to ‘save the planet’ from global warming. The latest stage in the ’15 minute city’ agenda is to place electronic gates on key roads in and out of the city, confining residents to their own neighborhoods.

This is what you get for trying to placate the left.  If you give the left an inch they will dig mass graves.  The electronic gates are just an intermediate step.  Stand up and push back.  If you don’t, you will corralled by these electronic gates into rail cars that transport you to the mass graves.  The people you elect do not care about you.  They don’t even like you.  Wake up.

Vengeance sounds good to Me

Canada and the US are suffering a labor shortage even as we enter a prolonged recession.  This could be the only recession in history with low unemployment simply because there is no on left to employ.  The Biden administration has acknowledged this problem and they want you to believe people are unable to work because of long COVID.  Like everything else that comes out of the Biden Administration this is a lie.  Long COVID is just a convenient excuse because doctors can’t tell the difference between long COVID and COVID vaccine injuries; they are one and the same.

“My biggest observation is that the signs and symptoms profile and clinical presentation of long-haulers from moderate to severe natural COVID infection, and individuals vaccinated three to four times, are almost indistinguishable from one another.”

Our economy is crumbling because of government.  They disrupt supply chains with ridiculous COVID restrictions and cause labor shortages with forced vaccination.  Not a day goes by now without stories of young working age people dying suddenly.  Thankfully not everyone dies but many that don’t find themselves constantly ill and unable to work.  Politicians caused this and they just don’t care.  In fact, as this Australian Senator points out, the people responsible scoff at the notion that they should be held accountable.  They don’t believe their victims have anything to complain about.


Western Governments are too big, too powerful, and have too many people who revel in the suffering of others.  Our Governments have declared war on us; the time for playing nice with those psychopaths and their enablers is over.   I can’t express what I am feeling any better than Dr. Hodkinson.



Where will the electricity come from?

It should be apparent to everyone by now that politicians really don’t know anything.  These are people with no marketable skills other than deception.  If they did not have access to your tax dollars they would not be able to earn a living.  They would either starve or wind up in Prison.

Their lack of knowledge always results in poorly thought out and destructive policies.  Take the push for electric cars to save the planet.  First, if we need to rely on someone as Stupid as Justin Trudeau to save the planet than we are truly screwed.  We may as well kiss our butts goodbye.  Second, Electric cars will not save the planet.  They won’t even result in the world burning less gasoline.

The devil is always in the details and the details are beyond the intellectual capacity of politicians.  They decided to force higher electrical consumption without asking the obvious question of where the electricity comes from.  These mental midgets have just finally realized that electricity is not generated by flipping a switch convenient located on the wall.  They still haven’t learned that you can’t force people to use more electricity while closing power plants, but they have notice that we are running out of electricity.

Once again, though, their limited understanding of reality has caused them to grasp for easy solutions.  Germany has made it illegal to heat homes and Switzerland won’t allow citizen to charge the electric cars they were encouraged to buy.  We are truly living in clown world.  People who have no understanding of how energy is produced are enacting civilization destroying energy policy.  Electric cars will no save the planet and as I stated previously they won’t even result in burning less gasoline.

To understand this you need to understand oil, gasoline, and diesel are not pure substances they are hydro carbon mixtures.  A hydrocarbon is a molecule that is made up of Carbon and Hydrogen molecules and they come in a range of sizes.  A barrel of oil can contain small molecules that have as few as 5 Carbons and large molecules that have 40 or more Carbons.  An oil refinery separates a barrel of oil in to products that are also mixtures but have smaller size ranges.  The table below has approximate ranges based on the number of Carbon molecules.

Gasoline 5 to 12 Carbons
Diesel 9 to 23 Carbons
Heating oil 14 to 20 carbons
Lubricating oils 20 to 40 Carbons


So every barrel of oil entering a refinery will be separated in to these products.  But why does this matter?  Won’t electric calls eliminate the need for oil?  That is what politicians think but as I mentioned they are very stupid.  Even if we did not need gasoline we would still need Diesel and lubricating oil.

Diesel and gas engines look the same but they are not.  Diesel engines are much better at producing steady power for long periods.  That’s what makes them better for large equipment like semi-trucks, construction equipment, and train engines.  You can also get large steady power from electric motors but the battery technology does not exist to run large equipment for prolonged periods.

So here is the kicker, we still need diesel but refineries can’t make diesel without making gasoline.  You can see from the chart above that there is some overlap but conventional refineries are not able to change the mixtures by that much.  If all we want is diesel then gasoline will become a refinery waste byproduct.

No matter what we do we will still be producing large amounts of gasoline each day.  What do you think we will do with it?  I can tell you exactly what we will do with it.  We will burn it in generators to produce electricity to charge electric vehicles.  The stupid really does burn.

Follow the Money

The COVID vaccines are not safe and are not effective.  The longer this farce goes on the more people are recognizing this undeniable fact.  As I pointed out in a previous post, vaccine hesitancy is growing everywhere.  No one wants to take these dangerous and useless treatment yet politicians still look for angles to force a needle in your arm.  The reason for this dichotomy is simple.  Politicians make far too much money off the Jabs to let them go.


Almost a billion dollars of commissions have been handed out in the European Union alone.  No one knows where the money went but we do know where it is from; European taxpayers.  COVID continues to be the largest wealth transfer in History.  Money is stolen from ordinary citizens through taxation and is transferred directly in to the bank accounts of the political elite.  This will not stop until they have either stolen all of your money or people rise up and stop them.

This will be an uphill battle for sure but the Swiss have taken the first steps.  You may not be able to sue Pfizer but you can sue the government that lied to you.  Every government on earth lied about these vaccines.  Most people would never have taken the vaccine had they known the government was lying.  Frankly I don’t know why anyone older than 30 does not realize that governments do not tell the truth, ever.  But the sad fact remains many people believed the lies and some had their lives destroyed.

The Swiss lawsuit is a good start but ending the vaccine mandates will not solve our problem.  The problem is the criminals who forced people to take the vaccines.  If the politicians and bureaucrats remain in power they will do it again.  It will be a different vaccine for a different virus they create and release.  We need to investigate the finances of every politician and senior bureaucrat.  The ones who profited from this need to be imprisoned and their illegal wealth confiscated.  Those ill-gotten gains can be used to compensate their victims.

Making people Poor does not make things Better.

I have written about Climate change many times on this blog.  Until the COVID Plandemic Climate change was easily the largest lie governments have ever told.  It is not a lie that climate changes.  Climate always changes.  There is not a period in the earth’s history when climate did not change.  The lie is that the dominant factor controlling climate is CO2.

The Truth is that CO2 is one of many factors but is not one of the important factors.  CO2 has warmed our planet which is a good thing since a warm planet is much better for humans than a cold planet.  So CO2 has a significant impact on the earth’s temperature but changes in CO2 concentrations will not change the current temperature much.

That may seem like a contradiction but it is not because it does not take much CO2 to capture all the energy that is available to it.  The energy from the sun is not limitless.  If it was the earth would burn up with or without CO2.  There is a finite amount of energy that strikes the earth each day and CO2 only absorbs a tiny fraction of it.  Currently at 410 ppm concentration CO2 is already capturing most of the available energy so adding more has a very little impact.

The climate models say that adding CO2 can increase the temperature by more than 4 degrees.  The only place on earth where this is possible is inside the computer code of these horribly fraudulent computer models.  The real science says that dramatically increasing CO2 concentrations will result in only 1 to 1.5 degrees which coincidentally is the target of all the ridiculous policies.  Governments have set a target they can hit by doing nothing, too bad they won’t just sit back and do nothing.

The climate change narrative is ridiculous on so many levels.  I could go on and list all of them but here is just a couple for you to consider.  First burning fossil fuels adds only about 3% more CO2 to the atmosphere over and above normal natural emissions.  There is a natural CO2 cycle.  CO2 is constantly emitted and re-absorbed.  How much stays in the atmosphere is controlled by nature not by your SUV.

What science really says is that controlling CO2 emissions will have little effect because the earth is just not that sensitive to increasing concentrations which we can’t control anyway.  This factual statement will no doubt upset all the global warming acolytes making money off this scam.  They will tell you I am wrong without refuting any of the science that supports my position.  But what if I am wrong, shouldn’t we try to reduce CO2 out of an abundance of caution?  The answer to that question is still no.

Let’s play their stupid game for a moment.  We will ignore the fact that the models and predictions have a perfect track record of failure.  We will accept their premise that the impossible will happen, the earth will warm by more than 4 degrees.  So according to them, what should we do about it?  Well, this is where the whole debate becomes even more ridiculous.  According to these lunatic’s own numbers restricting CO2 is a huge waste of money.  Trying to prevent climate change is far more expensive than learning to live with it.

The next chart in Nordhaus’s presentation shows the costs of future climate change and climate policies. The combined costs even in what Nordhaus calls the “base” scenario, with over 4.0 degrees of global warming by 2100 and nearly 6.0 degrees by 2150, are lower than the costs of trying to contain global warming to 2.0 degrees over a 100-year horizon.

Even if you agree with their incredibly unscientific premise that CO2 will dramatically increase the earth’s temperatures their policies still make no sense.  In fact northern countries like Canada are predicted to benefit from 4 to 6 degrees of warming.  Why would Canadian’s spend any money trying to prevent something that benefits them?

Climate change policies are the same as COVID restrictions.  They are incredibly destructive and don’t change anything.  Masks did not prevent a single infection and electric cars will not change the earth’s temperature.  The stupid really does burn.

When Physical location Determines what is and is not a Crime

Our virtue signally Prime Minister has come out strongly in support of Chinese Protesters protesting COVID lockdowns.

I agree with our Prime Minister completely.  We must support Chinese Protesters because, god forbid, we would not want this to happen in China.

Justin Trudeau may not possess intelligence but no one can deny his Chutzpah.  It is amazing that he can stand in front of cameras and say what he does with a straight face.  He supports free speech in China which is an odd stance for someone who hired foreign mercenaries to assault Canadian Protesters.  Not a single “journalist” challenged his oddly geographically constrained attitude on free speech.  Nor did they ask him what he thought about the Chinese government freezing protesters assets.  As far as I know that is still Justin’s policy for dealing with his political opponents.


So according to Justin, protesting is a right only as long as it is done in China.  I am not sure of all the legal nuances of this.  If a Canadian citizen travels to China to protest the Trudeau government is that legal?  Or, is the right to protest in China reserved solely for Chinese citizens?

One thing that I am certain of is that it will soon be illegal for a Canadian doctor to say anything the government does not like.  The Province of British Columbia is leading the country with their new legislation that does not just punish doctors who speak out; it also punishes doctors who might someday speak out.

Section 506 (“Search and seizure order”) permits judges to authorize a person to search and seize items from a health practitioner’s premises on the pre-crime-esque premise that the target will “likely contravene” a provision of Bill 36.

Canada is now a country where the government can punish you if they suspect you might someday say something they don’t like.  This is about 12 steps beyond George Orwell’s 1984.  Canadian’s better stop paying less attention to what happens in China and far more attention to what is happening here at home.  The least intelligent world leader in history is destroying a country that took centuries to build.

Government has always known the Spike Protein was a Killer

The documentary Died Suddenly has finally got people discussing what is causing the strange clots embalmers are finding.  I read an interesting opinion from a Doctor yesterday.  He believes the science has already been done that explains the clotting and even cites the paper.  The clots and fibrous material are caused by the spike proteins.

This means that a natural infection also causes clotting so why don’t embalmers find these odd clots in unvaccinated people?  Well the good doctor points out the vaccines produce far more spike proteins for far longer than a natural infection.

The mRNA vaccines were engineered to persist in the body so they could produce enough spike proteins to elicit an antibody response sufficient to meet regulatory approval, which unfortunately led to them continuing to produce toxic spike proteins for a prolonged and possibly indefinite period.

A natural infection runs its course in 2 weeks.  After that the virus no longer replicates so there are no more spike proteins in your system.  During the infection your body is actively destroying the virus and infected cells, which keeps the number of spike proteins in check.  The mRNA vaccines suppress your immune system so initially very large quantities of spike proteins are produced and some cells continue to produce spike proteins for months.  One study showed spike proteins still circulating 9 months after vaccination.  Spike proteins are like any other toxin, it is the concentration that makes them dangerous.

The Human body is designed to repair itself.  Anyone who has ever had a cut knows that in a few days the cut is gone.  You do not die from small wounds because your body is able to repair the damage.  Large wounds are a different story.  They kill you faster than your body can repair itself.

A natural infection is a small wound.  The number of spike proteins is small so the damage they do is limited.  They do cause clots but the clots are small and easy for your body to repair before they kill you.  When an unvaccinated eventually dies, from some other cause, the evidence of blood clots is gone.  This is not the case with vaccinated people.  The clots are too extensive to repair and ultimately lead to sudden death.

I don’t know if his is the only explanation but the danger always comes back to the spike proteins.  All of the damage comes from the spike proteins and not from the virus.  Odd then that we would engineer a “vaccine” that produces almost unlimited quantities of spike proteins then isn’t it?  Almost 2 years ago Dr. Byram Bridle opined that we should have banned the vaccine as soon as we discovered how toxic the spike protein was; yet we did not.

The fact that we are still forcing people to take these treatments tells me one thing.  The people behind these policies were not surprised by the data; they have always known how toxic the spike protein is.  Which if you think about it makes perfect sense.  They built the damn virus in the first place.  They had years to study the effects of the unique spike protein before they released the virus.