Follow the Money

The COVID vaccines are not safe and are not effective.  The longer this farce goes on the more people are recognizing this undeniable fact.  As I pointed out in a previous post, vaccine hesitancy is growing everywhere.  No one wants to take these dangerous and useless treatment yet politicians still look for angles to force a needle in your arm.  The reason for this dichotomy is simple.  Politicians make far too much money off the Jabs to let them go.


Almost a billion dollars of commissions have been handed out in the European Union alone.  No one knows where the money went but we do know where it is from; European taxpayers.  COVID continues to be the largest wealth transfer in History.  Money is stolen from ordinary citizens through taxation and is transferred directly in to the bank accounts of the political elite.  This will not stop until they have either stolen all of your money or people rise up and stop them.

This will be an uphill battle for sure but the Swiss have taken the first steps.  You may not be able to sue Pfizer but you can sue the government that lied to you.  Every government on earth lied about these vaccines.  Most people would never have taken the vaccine had they known the government was lying.  Frankly I don’t know why anyone older than 30 does not realize that governments do not tell the truth, ever.  But the sad fact remains many people believed the lies and some had their lives destroyed.

The Swiss lawsuit is a good start but ending the vaccine mandates will not solve our problem.  The problem is the criminals who forced people to take the vaccines.  If the politicians and bureaucrats remain in power they will do it again.  It will be a different vaccine for a different virus they create and release.  We need to investigate the finances of every politician and senior bureaucrat.  The ones who profited from this need to be imprisoned and their illegal wealth confiscated.  Those ill-gotten gains can be used to compensate their victims.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Amen Richard.

    The stupid really does burn. The meme at the end is so true. How can someone be so brave as to take an untested brand new chemical for a disease that isn’t a serious problem and yet be afraid of someone who isn’t brave enough to take it?

    Mind boggling.

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