Where will the electricity come from?

It should be apparent to everyone by now that politicians really don’t know anything.  These are people with no marketable skills other than deception.  If they did not have access to your tax dollars they would not be able to earn a living.  They would either starve or wind up in Prison.

Their lack of knowledge always results in poorly thought out and destructive policies.  Take the push for electric cars to save the planet.  First, if we need to rely on someone as Stupid as Justin Trudeau to save the planet than we are truly screwed.  We may as well kiss our butts goodbye.  Second, Electric cars will not save the planet.  They won’t even result in the world burning less gasoline.

The devil is always in the details and the details are beyond the intellectual capacity of politicians.  They decided to force higher electrical consumption without asking the obvious question of where the electricity comes from.  These mental midgets have just finally realized that electricity is not generated by flipping a switch convenient located on the wall.  They still haven’t learned that you can’t force people to use more electricity while closing power plants, but they have notice that we are running out of electricity.

Once again, though, their limited understanding of reality has caused them to grasp for easy solutions.  Germany has made it illegal to heat homes and Switzerland won’t allow citizen to charge the electric cars they were encouraged to buy.  We are truly living in clown world.  People who have no understanding of how energy is produced are enacting civilization destroying energy policy.  Electric cars will no save the planet and as I stated previously they won’t even result in burning less gasoline.

To understand this you need to understand oil, gasoline, and diesel are not pure substances they are hydro carbon mixtures.  A hydrocarbon is a molecule that is made up of Carbon and Hydrogen molecules and they come in a range of sizes.  A barrel of oil can contain small molecules that have as few as 5 Carbons and large molecules that have 40 or more Carbons.  An oil refinery separates a barrel of oil in to products that are also mixtures but have smaller size ranges.  The table below has approximate ranges based on the number of Carbon molecules.

Gasoline 5 to 12 Carbons
Diesel 9 to 23 Carbons
Heating oil 14 to 20 carbons
Lubricating oils 20 to 40 Carbons


So every barrel of oil entering a refinery will be separated in to these products.  But why does this matter?  Won’t electric calls eliminate the need for oil?  That is what politicians think but as I mentioned they are very stupid.  Even if we did not need gasoline we would still need Diesel and lubricating oil.

Diesel and gas engines look the same but they are not.  Diesel engines are much better at producing steady power for long periods.  That’s what makes them better for large equipment like semi-trucks, construction equipment, and train engines.  You can also get large steady power from electric motors but the battery technology does not exist to run large equipment for prolonged periods.

So here is the kicker, we still need diesel but refineries can’t make diesel without making gasoline.  You can see from the chart above that there is some overlap but conventional refineries are not able to change the mixtures by that much.  If all we want is diesel then gasoline will become a refinery waste byproduct.

No matter what we do we will still be producing large amounts of gasoline each day.  What do you think we will do with it?  I can tell you exactly what we will do with it.  We will burn it in generators to produce electricity to charge electric vehicles.  The stupid really does burn.