Vengeance sounds good to Me

Canada and the US are suffering a labor shortage even as we enter a prolonged recession.  This could be the only recession in history with low unemployment simply because there is no on left to employ.  The Biden administration has acknowledged this problem and they want you to believe people are unable to work because of long COVID.  Like everything else that comes out of the Biden Administration this is a lie.  Long COVID is just a convenient excuse because doctors can’t tell the difference between long COVID and COVID vaccine injuries; they are one and the same.

“My biggest observation is that the signs and symptoms profile and clinical presentation of long-haulers from moderate to severe natural COVID infection, and individuals vaccinated three to four times, are almost indistinguishable from one another.”

Our economy is crumbling because of government.  They disrupt supply chains with ridiculous COVID restrictions and cause labor shortages with forced vaccination.  Not a day goes by now without stories of young working age people dying suddenly.  Thankfully not everyone dies but many that don’t find themselves constantly ill and unable to work.  Politicians caused this and they just don’t care.  In fact, as this Australian Senator points out, the people responsible scoff at the notion that they should be held accountable.  They don’t believe their victims have anything to complain about.


Western Governments are too big, too powerful, and have too many people who revel in the suffering of others.  Our Governments have declared war on us; the time for playing nice with those psychopaths and their enablers is over.   I can’t express what I am feeling any better than Dr. Hodkinson.