Making people Poor does not make things Better.

I have written about Climate change many times on this blog.  Until the COVID Plandemic Climate change was easily the largest lie governments have ever told.  It is not a lie that climate changes.  Climate always changes.  There is not a period in the earth’s history when climate did not change.  The lie is that the dominant factor controlling climate is CO2.

The Truth is that CO2 is one of many factors but is not one of the important factors.  CO2 has warmed our planet which is a good thing since a warm planet is much better for humans than a cold planet.  So CO2 has a significant impact on the earth’s temperature but changes in CO2 concentrations will not change the current temperature much.

That may seem like a contradiction but it is not because it does not take much CO2 to capture all the energy that is available to it.  The energy from the sun is not limitless.  If it was the earth would burn up with or without CO2.  There is a finite amount of energy that strikes the earth each day and CO2 only absorbs a tiny fraction of it.  Currently at 410 ppm concentration CO2 is already capturing most of the available energy so adding more has a very little impact.

The climate models say that adding CO2 can increase the temperature by more than 4 degrees.  The only place on earth where this is possible is inside the computer code of these horribly fraudulent computer models.  The real science says that dramatically increasing CO2 concentrations will result in only 1 to 1.5 degrees which coincidentally is the target of all the ridiculous policies.  Governments have set a target they can hit by doing nothing, too bad they won’t just sit back and do nothing.

The climate change narrative is ridiculous on so many levels.  I could go on and list all of them but here is just a couple for you to consider.  First burning fossil fuels adds only about 3% more CO2 to the atmosphere over and above normal natural emissions.  There is a natural CO2 cycle.  CO2 is constantly emitted and re-absorbed.  How much stays in the atmosphere is controlled by nature not by your SUV.

What science really says is that controlling CO2 emissions will have little effect because the earth is just not that sensitive to increasing concentrations which we can’t control anyway.  This factual statement will no doubt upset all the global warming acolytes making money off this scam.  They will tell you I am wrong without refuting any of the science that supports my position.  But what if I am wrong, shouldn’t we try to reduce CO2 out of an abundance of caution?  The answer to that question is still no.

Let’s play their stupid game for a moment.  We will ignore the fact that the models and predictions have a perfect track record of failure.  We will accept their premise that the impossible will happen, the earth will warm by more than 4 degrees.  So according to them, what should we do about it?  Well, this is where the whole debate becomes even more ridiculous.  According to these lunatic’s own numbers restricting CO2 is a huge waste of money.  Trying to prevent climate change is far more expensive than learning to live with it.

The next chart in Nordhaus’s presentation shows the costs of future climate change and climate policies. The combined costs even in what Nordhaus calls the “base” scenario, with over 4.0 degrees of global warming by 2100 and nearly 6.0 degrees by 2150, are lower than the costs of trying to contain global warming to 2.0 degrees over a 100-year horizon.

Even if you agree with their incredibly unscientific premise that CO2 will dramatically increase the earth’s temperatures their policies still make no sense.  In fact northern countries like Canada are predicted to benefit from 4 to 6 degrees of warming.  Why would Canadian’s spend any money trying to prevent something that benefits them?

Climate change policies are the same as COVID restrictions.  They are incredibly destructive and don’t change anything.  Masks did not prevent a single infection and electric cars will not change the earth’s temperature.  The stupid really does burn.