When Physical location Determines what is and is not a Crime

Our virtue signally Prime Minister has come out strongly in support of Chinese Protesters protesting COVID lockdowns.

I agree with our Prime Minister completely.  We must support Chinese Protesters because, god forbid, we would not want this to happen in China.

Justin Trudeau may not possess intelligence but no one can deny his Chutzpah.  It is amazing that he can stand in front of cameras and say what he does with a straight face.  He supports free speech in China which is an odd stance for someone who hired foreign mercenaries to assault Canadian Protesters.  Not a single “journalist” challenged his oddly geographically constrained attitude on free speech.  Nor did they ask him what he thought about the Chinese government freezing protesters assets.  As far as I know that is still Justin’s policy for dealing with his political opponents.


So according to Justin, protesting is a right only as long as it is done in China.  I am not sure of all the legal nuances of this.  If a Canadian citizen travels to China to protest the Trudeau government is that legal?  Or, is the right to protest in China reserved solely for Chinese citizens?

One thing that I am certain of is that it will soon be illegal for a Canadian doctor to say anything the government does not like.  The Province of British Columbia is leading the country with their new legislation that does not just punish doctors who speak out; it also punishes doctors who might someday speak out.

Section 506 (“Search and seizure order”) permits judges to authorize a person to search and seize items from a health practitioner’s premises on the pre-crime-esque premise that the target will “likely contravene” a provision of Bill 36.

Canada is now a country where the government can punish you if they suspect you might someday say something they don’t like.  This is about 12 steps beyond George Orwell’s 1984.  Canadian’s better stop paying less attention to what happens in China and far more attention to what is happening here at home.  The least intelligent world leader in history is destroying a country that took centuries to build.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Canadians have had a moral superiority complex for quite some time – more than my 53 years for sure. It came partly and naturally out of our country’s performance and achievements in the two World Wars. And that came from the hard working, freedom loving, family oriented culture that came with the first immigrants to Canada. Canadians WERE good people. Many Canadians don’t fit that mold anymore. But most Canadians that still do are now blinded by their virtue to the fact our Governments are filled with the OPPOSITE of good people. Canadians simply can’t conceive that their governments are trying to enslave them.

    Pride comes before a fall.

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