Government has always known the Spike Protein was a Killer

The documentary Died Suddenly has finally got people discussing what is causing the strange clots embalmers are finding.  I read an interesting opinion from a Doctor yesterday.  He believes the science has already been done that explains the clotting and even cites the paper.  The clots and fibrous material are caused by the spike proteins.

This means that a natural infection also causes clotting so why don’t embalmers find these odd clots in unvaccinated people?  Well the good doctor points out the vaccines produce far more spike proteins for far longer than a natural infection.

The mRNA vaccines were engineered to persist in the body so they could produce enough spike proteins to elicit an antibody response sufficient to meet regulatory approval, which unfortunately led to them continuing to produce toxic spike proteins for a prolonged and possibly indefinite period.

A natural infection runs its course in 2 weeks.  After that the virus no longer replicates so there are no more spike proteins in your system.  During the infection your body is actively destroying the virus and infected cells, which keeps the number of spike proteins in check.  The mRNA vaccines suppress your immune system so initially very large quantities of spike proteins are produced and some cells continue to produce spike proteins for months.  One study showed spike proteins still circulating 9 months after vaccination.  Spike proteins are like any other toxin, it is the concentration that makes them dangerous.

The Human body is designed to repair itself.  Anyone who has ever had a cut knows that in a few days the cut is gone.  You do not die from small wounds because your body is able to repair the damage.  Large wounds are a different story.  They kill you faster than your body can repair itself.

A natural infection is a small wound.  The number of spike proteins is small so the damage they do is limited.  They do cause clots but the clots are small and easy for your body to repair before they kill you.  When an unvaccinated eventually dies, from some other cause, the evidence of blood clots is gone.  This is not the case with vaccinated people.  The clots are too extensive to repair and ultimately lead to sudden death.

I don’t know if his is the only explanation but the danger always comes back to the spike proteins.  All of the damage comes from the spike proteins and not from the virus.  Odd then that we would engineer a “vaccine” that produces almost unlimited quantities of spike proteins then isn’t it?  Almost 2 years ago Dr. Byram Bridle opined that we should have banned the vaccine as soon as we discovered how toxic the spike protein was; yet we did not.

The fact that we are still forcing people to take these treatments tells me one thing.  The people behind these policies were not surprised by the data; they have always known how toxic the spike protein is.  Which if you think about it makes perfect sense.  They built the damn virus in the first place.  They had years to study the effects of the unique spike protein before they released the virus.