It was not just Twitter that killed people with Censorship

My wife told me a few days ago that she was tired of hearing about how twitter was censoring conservatives.  Her comment was that everyone knew this was happening so what difference does it make.  This is a mistake my wife often makes; she assumes everyone has the same information and processes it in the same way.  The sad fact is that most people are blissfully unaware that twitter was censoring information.  Even more problematic is that many people who are aware of the censorship do not think it is a problem.

What Elon Musk is doing right now is vitally important because it is not just about Twitter or even Social media.  Censorship is rampant across every media platform and our government’s finger prints are all over the crime scenes.  The last 3 years of the COVID farce could never have happened if dissenting voices had not been censored.  Our governments enacted thoroughly disgusting restrictions claiming to be innocently following the science.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  There was no science behind anything they did but the public did not know it because actual scientists were not allowed to speak.

Censorship is now so prevalent in our modern culture of lies that it continues even while Elon Musk is trying to expose it.  A regular reader sent me this video a couple of days ago.  It is a compilation of highlights from Senator Ron Johnson’s recent hearing on vaccine injuries.  Senator Johnson assembled a panel of real experts; highly qualified people who have been treating vaccine injured patients, not government hacks like Anthony Fauci.  The information these real experts present is troubling to say the least and most people will never see it.  These hearings should have been broadcast on every network yet not a single mainstream media outlet bothered to cover it.

Senator Johnson previously held a hearing on early treatment options that mainstream media ignored and social media platforms censored.  That censorship led to thousands of unnecessary deaths.  How many people do you think will die because this latest hearing has been censored?  COVID will not truly be over until all the guilty are punished.  Many of those guilty people work in media.  They deserve a jail cell next to the liberal politicians that engineered this plandemic.

This warrants an investigation, why has one not started?

Anecdotal evidence is not evidence but it is still part of the scientific process and it should not be ignored.  Anecdotal evidence is the thing that makes a good scientist notice an anomaly that should be investigated.  It might turn out to be nothing but it could also prove to be vitally important.  As an engineer I am brought anecdotal evidence all the time.  A problem exists and someone has noticed that the problem seems to correlate with some other occurrence.

When presented with anecdotal evidence I always start with a quick sanity check.  I can do back of the envelope calculation to determine if it is even possible for X to cause Y or I can look at a longer history to see if the pattern is consistent.  Often my quick sanity check is all that it takes to determine that X is not causing Y which tells me I need to consider other causes.  When the anecdotal evidence passes the sanity test it still does not mean that X causes Y but it does mean that I should dig deeper; X really could be causing Y.

Western society has a very schizophrenic relationship with anecdotal evidence.  At times we take it as iron clad proof, which it never is, and other times we ignore it completely.  Take Climate change as an example.  Every time we have a severe weather event it is taken as “proof” that fossil fuels are destroying the earth.  That chain of illogic is bizarre.  It is two theories piled on top of each other proven by a single data point.  Theory one is that CO2 has caused significant atmospheric warming, theory two is that warmer weather causes more severe storms.  Neither of those theories is proven and a quick sanity check shows that severe storms are not becoming more common and there is no clear link between warm weather and storm severity.  Most of what the global warming alarmists say does not stand up to the quick sanity checks, or logic for that matter, yet the anecdotal evidence of a single storm is taken as scientific proof of not just one but two theories.

On the other end of the spectrum is anecdotal evidence about vaccine injuries.  It does not matter how many people collapse on camera, governments are still not curious about the safety of the vaccines.  Every dead body is brushed off as normal.  It is true that people do die, sometimes even suddenly.  The question is has it become more prevalent since the vaccines started?  Well I have a quick and easy sanity check for you to start with.  Before the vaccines how common was it for you to read news articles about celebrities dying suddenly of unknown causes or children suffering heart attacks?  In our Pre COVID vax world these things were quite rare yet last week I found all of these articles on the same day.

I would be the first person to tell you that media reports are not proof of anything but the first sanity checks were definitely positive; there is a reason to keep looking.  Next I would look at a larger sample.  Do I see an increase in unexplained deaths of ordinary people who do not warrant news coverage?  I have already posted insurance data showing unusually high deaths in young people.  The death toll is so high even the Communist Republic of Canada has admitted that young people are dying in unprecedented numbers.

Everyone should be concerned when a problem gets too large for even Communists like the Trudeau Liberals to hide.  The anecdotal evidence is overwhelming and passes the sanity checks.  This needs to be investigated, so why is no government financing any investigations?  We have spent trillions on global warming, a theory that can’t even pass the simplest of sanity checks, yet we can’t spend any money to figure out why so many young people are dying?

People will continue to die as long as we allow Government to continue to Lie

When the media started reporting about a new illness in China I was skeptical.  I had no information about this new disease but I did know the odds were very high that the media was lying.  My reaction was to seek out information to determine just how big a lie was actually been told.  Even I was surprised by what I found.  The media was participating in what has turned out to be the largest, deadliest, lie in human history.

There was no reason to believe that COVID was anything more than a bad flu but the media was stoking fear by comparing this new virus to the Spanish flu.  With the public properly primed by their media allies governments stepped in and imposed lockdowns.  Initially I was shocked not just that government would do this but also at how easily people accepted it.  Fear was driving the compliance and I naively thought I could assuage that fear with facts, logic, and science.  I started an email distribution list that eventually led to this blog.

Rarely do I form opinions from the opinions of other or the corrupt evening news.  I use my own analysis based on the facts and my understanding of the science.  Because I believe I can back up anything I say, I have never been shy about my opinions.  Despite not being a shrinking violet, prior to COVID I had never tried to disseminate my opinions on any platform.  I was not on Facebook, Twitter, or any social media other than LinkedIn.  I had no interest in engaging with the wider public until COVID lockdowns.

For me COVID restrictions changed everything.  The government and media were lying which for them is not unusual.  Given the history of both those organizations, the truth would have been far more shocking.  So I did not feel compelled to speak out because we were being lied to.  I spoke out because this time their lies were going to harm millions of people and many of them would be my friends.

I understand how particles get distributed through a fluid such as air.  The motion of the air molecules will eventually distribute fine particles everywhere.  This made the 6 foot rule ridiculous.  The virus would not be stopped by a magical barrier 6 feet away from an infected person.  Similarly, basic scientific principles told me that none of the other restrictions had any hope of curtailing the spread of an airborne virus.

Governments were imposing restrictions that could not work but that would harm millions of people.  That science is equally as clear.  Scientists have known for 1000 years that stress negatively impacts health.  Stress on its own can kill.  A few decades ago an American scientist was able to show that the stress of unemployment was so deadly that excess mortality correlates to excess unemployment.  Unemployment kills and our governments shut down businesses and threw people in to unemployment.

To put it bluntly there is no way the government did not know the lockdowns would increase rather than decrease the number of people who would die.  In the spring of 2020 I knew that the COVID lies would kill people.  I knew that because the science predicted it.  This was the most predictable catastrophe in history but it took more than 2 years for most people to realize the truth.  Lockdowns kill.


To be more specific government lies kill and the government is not done lying.


Most of the lies now concern the vaccines.  Lockdowns certainly caused deaths but they were nothing compared to the vaccines.  It would be one thing if the vaccines simply did not work.  That would be tolerable, but it is much worse than that.  The vaccines are actually prolonging the pandemic and increasing the number of people who get COVID.  Incredibly the most common side effect of the COVID vaccines is COVID infections.


The science at this point is crystal clear.  The vaccines have prolonged the pandemic and injured millions of people.  We should have stopped this madness months ago but we have not because of the constant barrage of government lies.  Now some governments are trying to cover their lies by forming committees to investigate vaccine injuries.  These committees are just another form of lying.  Their mandate is not to uncover the truth but to obfuscate it under layers of process and testimony of fake experts.  Unfortunately for this Japanese committee they ran in to a real expert who has had his fill of government lies.


I certainly share his frustration.  Our governments have done nothing but lie for nearly 3 years.  People’s lives were destroyed and even ended.  We cannot let government whitewash this with phony inquiries.  What happened was mass murder.  The people responsible must face justice.

More Lives ruined and ended by Government

Yesterday Celine Dion announced an indefinite postponement of her world tour.  She has been diagnosed with a rare neurological condition that leaves her unable to sing.  In Her emotional video she admits that her health has not been good for a long time.


Celine does not say when her health problems started but I do know this.  Celine Dion was touring in 2019/20 and only cancelled her tour when all the concert halls were closed as part of the COVID lockdowns.  So in spring 2020 Celine Dion was fine and now less than 3 years later she is no longer able to perform.  I am just curious; does anyone know anything that happened during that time period that could have caused neurological problems?  I mean something other than the obvious answer of catastrophic climate change?

At no time does Celine Dion mention the vaccine but what are the odds that this is not the vax?  She was planning to resume her world tour when the restrictions were lifted, something she could not do if she was unvaccinated.  Celine Dion has had her life and career ruined by the vaccine.  Maybe she and Justin Bieber can form some sort of support group for multi-millionaires who lost their careers to government tyranny.

What happened to Celine Dion is terrible but in our post vax world she is actually one of the lucky ones; she is still alive.  Other people who trusted government did not fare as well.


How many more people need to suffer and die before we snap out of our perpetual state of denial?  The Vax kills.  Another study out of Germany confirms that with autopsy results.  Unvaccinated people are not dropping dead or suddenly developed rare neurological diseases.  That is only happening with people who were coerced by government to take the jabs.  This needs to stop and people need to go to prison.

Canadian’s don’t come much worse than Sun Columnist Michelle Mandel

Just when you thought that you have seen the worst humanity has to offer, along comes another journalist.

Michelle Mandel wrote an article for the Toronto sun about Durham Regional Constable Erin Howard.  Contestable Howard posted support for the Freedom convoy on social media.  She described her disappointment in fellow officers who were violating the rights of Canadians at the direction of politicians.  Constable Howard was demoted as punishment for her social media posts.

The light sentence for the crime of posting on social media has incensed Michelle Mandel.  As a card carrying COVIDiot, Ms. Mandel believes what constable Howard did was beyond the pale.  No one should be allowed to question anything government does for our “protection”.  Ms. Mandel is firm in her convictions.  Every Police officer should be willing to victimize the public to protect the health of the people.

She (Constable Howard) was defiantly and vocally against the legal measures put in place to protect the health of the people she was supposed to serve.

Ms. Mandel wants Canadians to know that allowing Constable Howard to continue as a police officer sets a dangerous precedent.

But what about the next time she disagrees with a law she’s sworn to uphold?

If Michelle Mandel had written this column last winter it could be dismissed as the incoherent ramblings of a stupid and fearful person.  Now we must conclude stupidity was the sole driving motivation.  The COVID regulations failed completely.  If Michelle Mandel is too stupid to see that she is also too stupid to pass Judgement on Constable Howard.  Michelle Mandel is upset that Constable Howard was reluctant to enforce rules that did not keep anyone safe.

The truth is never a defense with the media; it is never even a consideration.  The lockdown measures only made things worse.  Everything forced on the public contradicted existing science and had no chance of working.  Rational, intelligent people have always known this and some, like Constable Howard, spoke out.  To the Canadian media this is unacceptable behavior.  Government must always be obeyed.

I do agree that police officers need to enforce the law I am just smart enough to recognize something Ms. Mandell does not.  The COVID restrictions were not law.  The mandates were never voted on or passed by any legislature.  The charter of rights and freedoms on the other hand is law, and the mandates violated every aspect of it.

Michelle Mandel does not think that upholding the law should be in a police officer’s job description.  Police are to enforce the will of politicians even when it contradicts existing law.  Sadly this is the definition of policing that most Canadian media ascribe to.  What is it about journalism that attracts such disgusting people?

Stupid and Evil works in only one Profession

I saw a series of Tweets by an American politician this morning that perfectly describes why nothing makes sense now.

This man is a moron.  He is happy to be sick twice in 5 months after taking 3 shots.

Ted Lieu is not capable of making good decisions about his own life and he makes laws governing your life.  Why do we insist on handing power to the least capable among us?  Western society is not the blind leading the blind it is the unintelligent leading the uninformed.

Civilization could survive if politicians were only stupid.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  Too often we find that politicians are also evil.   In New Zealand if you refuse to expose your child to a toxic substance Jacinda Ardern will take your child.  How is this any less evil than Aztec Priests sacrificing children to gods?

Jacinda Ardern is a nasty piece of business but the granddaddy of all evil politicians is still Justin Trudeau.  Justin is so evil the mullahs in Iran are stealing from his playbook.

Our society would thrive if we had not just fewer stupid politicians but fewer politicians period.  There is just no constructive use for all their evil.


The Short distance between Carbon Taxes and Property Seizure

Lately I have said that if you give the left an inch they will start digging mass graves.  We keep making compromises and they keep digging.  The Trudeau Government has just committed to returning 30% of the land back to nature.  This cannot be debated because the world’s greatest scientists have already decreed that it must happen.

“We have not chosen that 30% number at random. It is the critical threshold according to the greatest scientists to avoid the risk of extinction and also to ensure our food and economic security. Thirty percent, that is quite feasible,”

There are a couple of things that Justin failed to mention in his grandiose statement.

  • The greatest scientists are a group that includes Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, and a host of third world UN Kleptokrats.
  • You cannot prevent development and not cause food and economic insecurity.

More than 30% of Canada is already not developed.  Canada is one big open wilderness but that is not the point.  The point is that it will not stop at 30%, with liberals it never does.  The target will continue to change each year until enough people die.

We have no one to blame but ourselves.  These dangerous programs are all done in the name of climate change.  The theory of anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming (man-made global warming) is one of the most ridiculous theories ever proposed.  The data has never supported the idea that increasing CO2 would cause the planet to burn up.  CO2 used to be 20 times higher than it is now and the planet did not burn up.

When the climate lunatics came forward with these claims we should have laughed them out of the room.  Instead we tried to humor them with concessions.  We thought we were giving an inch to keep the peace.  What we really were doing was taking the first step to giving up the planet.  No good ever comes from placating the left.  With them it always goes from bad to worse to mass graves.

The primary effect is Financial

I don’t know who Martin Zeitzer is but his tweet struck me like a bolt of lightning.  It would be difficult to pack more truth in such a short statement.

The COVID vaccines are absolutely useless for preventing COVID deaths.  I have pointed this out in previous posts using the infection fatality ratio.  Despite what the government and media tells you there is absolutely no evidence that the COVID vaccines provide any benefit.  If they worked the infection fatality ratio would have changed and it did not.  It is that simple.


So really then why do we discuss side effects when there is no primary effect?  Doesn’t that make the side effects the actual purpose?  The COVID vaccines were forced on the public to produce illness.  This was done by people who believe the earth has too many people.  The World Economic Forum alumni responsible for this carnage even have a name for the people they are targeting for extinction; useless eaters.

I actually agree with Klaus Schwab on this point.  There are too many useless eaters, but we don’t need to vaccinate the entire world to address the problem of useless eaters.  When it comes to useless eaters they are strangely geographically constrained.  You can find most of them in legislatures.  If you see an ornate building paid for by tax money you can all but guarantee everyone inside is a useless eater.  Let’s just go vaccinate them and be done with COVID.

Sadly it has taken 2 years but finally people are waking up.  The side effects are the only effects.  Only a fool would keep taking boosters and people are abandoning foolishness.  The demand for boosters has fallen so dramatically the Canadian Government and Moderna are throwing out millions of expired doses.


Moderna will not suffer financially from this.  Every wasted dose has already been paid for by taxpayers somewhere and that brings us to the side effect no one is talking about.  The vaccines were never intended to save anyone from COVID.  COVID vaccines were to make people sick and make them poor.  The vaccine programs were an integral part of the greatest, fastest, wealth transfer in history.

Even when they throw these toxic shots out you lose because you have already paid for them with your taxes.  You can protect your health from government but you cannot protect your wealth.  Trudeau and other leaders intend to leave you with nothing.

Mask Mandates are Quintessentially Canadian

In my last post I lamented again that the average IQ in Canada is low and falling fast.  Dishonest politicians thrive in Canada because too many Canadians are not smart enough to know when we are being lied to.  We adhere to ridiculous rules and regulations because as a group we are not smart enough to question obviously false narratives.

For a case in point consider masks.  For 3 years now everyone wore a face diaper and got sick anyway.  Normally intelligent people would have questioned masks 2 years ago, but not Canadians.  Canadians are still debating making them mandatory again this year.

Canadian media is all in on masks.  Our politicians have asked them to bring it up at every press conference and thus far they have dutifully complied.  This is a tactic our government uses.  Instruct the media to ask about masks so you can declare that you are committed to “following the science”; which our Prime Moron did again yesterday.

“When it comes to looking at the challenges faced by respiratory illnesses, or perhaps a resurgence of the pandemic, we’re going to make sure we’re listening to the best advice from experts and public health authorities to make sure we’re doing whatever is necessary to keep Canadians safe.”

Then when masks are again mandatory, Canadians will assume government is following the science.  At no time during these theatrical performances will the media point out the science says masks don’t work.

The science and the engineering say that masks don’t work.  Over time politicians and bureaucrats admitted what they always knew; anything short of an N95 will have zero effectiveness.  N95s were touted as the answer but once again they made this statement without presenting evidence.  When tested against particles as small as a virus a perfectly sealed N95 mask will be 40% effective.  So is 40% enough to keep you from getting infected?  Well, according to the latest study; no it is not.

1004 hospital workers took part in a study where half wore N95 respirators and the other half did not.  A respirator is one step up from a mask.  It seals much more tightly and the participants were fit tested before starting the study.  Anyone who had a face shape that would not allow the respirator to seal properly was not used in the respirator group.

At the end of the study almost the same number of people in both groups got infected.  Statistically there was no difference between the groups.  Even N95 respirators will not keep you from getting infected.  This study should be the finally nail in the mask debate and perhaps it will be everywhere but Canada.  In Canada failure is considered a sure sign of success.  That is why Canadians keep voting for Justin Trudeau.

Canadians under value Silence

Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent,
and discerning if they hold their tongues.

Proverbs 17:28

Over the years many people have used that quote.  Usually it is modified to “better to stay silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt”.  I can’t help but think about that quote as it applies to Canadians.  Canadians simply can’t stop announcing to the world how foolish they are.

Obviously any country that elects Justin Trudeau 3 times can’t be that smart.  I cannot then deny that Canadians are unintelligent; I just wish they would not declare it so loudly.  The latest example of Canadians speaking up when they should have remained silent came yesterday.  A majority of Canadians have declared they supported the invocation of the emergencies act.

This is unbelievably stupid.  The emergencies act is very clear; it can only be used when there is a threat of major loss of life or the sovereignty of the country.  The Freedom Convoy never came anywhere near making that high standard.  Justin Trudeau broke the law when he invoked this act.  Who in their right mind supports a politician that breaks the law?

It does not matter if you supported the freedom Convoy or not; the invocation of the emergencies act was criminality committed by the highest levels of our government.  Countries where governments are not bound by law eventually forfeit prosperity.  Canadians are too stupid to understand that lawless governments are far more dangerous than the truckers who object to the criminal behavior.

Canadian’s who support the criminal activities of Justin Trudeau need to learn to be silent.  They have already embarrassed Canada enough for one life time.