Holding out for a Christmas Miracle

My wife told me I should write something uplifting for Christmas.  I would love to do that but if you live in Canada it is hard to be hopeful even at Christmas.  Canada I fear is broken beyond repair.


Justin Trudeau bears a lot of the blame for the bleak future Canada faces but he did not cause this much damage by himself.  He had a lot of help.  Justin’s most dedicated helpers work in the media.  Canadian media is biased and dishonest.  Justin does not even need to ask for help.  Anytime he does something stupid the media rushes in to redirect the blame.  Yesterday a useful idiot at the Toronto Star named Marco Chown Oved tried to blame grocery stores for rising food prices.

Oved is a climate change reporter which makes him the most useful of all the useful idiots and yesterday he did not disappoint.  While monitoring the climate in a grocery store he discovered that inflation was not caused by Trudeau raising taxes, increasing deficits, and printing money.  No sir, inflation is caused by grocery stores.  His proof is that grocery story profits increased by almost 1%.  Look at the graphic the moron used to prove his point.

You can barely see the small sliver of increased profits.  In Oved’s opinion this is an unreasonable increase in profits and the sole cause of inflation.  Marco Chown Oved was obviously given the task of blaming big business for inflation to deflect blame from Justin Trudeau.  But notice it was not all big business.  Oved said nothing about the incredible plandemic profits by Amazon, Moderna, and Pfizer.

Oved’s analysis is so ridiculous that no rational person would even consider it but it will resonate with many Canadians.  That brings me to the primary reason for Canada’s bleak future.  Canada is full of Canadians.  The average Canadian keeps Justin Trudeau in power.  Justin Trudeau is easily the most destructive Prime Minister in our history.  Yet, he has destroyed the economy and trampled on rights without losing any voter support.  This poll from a few days ago shows the Trudeau liberals have only lost 2% and it went to their NDP allies.  Remarkably Trudeau’s own personal popularity is rising.

Why would Canadians continue to support the least intelligent world leader in history?  Trudeau has expanded the reach and control of government.  Historically that always ends badly and suddenly.  Unfortunately until the abrupt end many people benefit from all the reckless spending and in Canada that number is way larger than you think.

I did a quick intellectual exercise yesterday.  I took a theoretical Canadian family of 4 and did a rough calculation of the benefits they receive from government.  Here is what I got.

The average Canadian Family of 4 receives more than $56,000/year in government benefits which is partially subsidized by resource revenues the provincial governments collect.   Next I calculated how high the family income needs to be for a family to pay $54,000 in income tax.  Using tax rates from the province of Ontario (the largest province) I find that family income must be more than $200,000 dollars per year before the family would pay more in income tax than they receive back in government benefits.

The average family income in Canada is only $75,000 so the average Canadian family takes out way more than they put in.  I tried to find how many Canadian families make more than $200,000 per year but I could not.  I was able to find that less than 20% of American families make more than $200,000 Canadian per year so it would be unreasonable to believe that more than 20% of Canadians would exceed that bar.

This is what keeps Trudeau in power.  The game is rigged.  More than 80% of Canadians take out more than they put in.  It is simply not in their best interests to vote for a politician who promises to spend less money.  What the 80% don’t understand is that what can’t continue won’t continue.  It is only a matter of time before this economic house of cards collapses.  The longer we allow it to continue the worse the collapse will be.

Canadians just don’t understand and do not care.  They will stand there with their hand out long after the government has run out of money.  Most Canadians are completely dependent on government.  They will never vote to reform government, no matter how bad it gets.  It really would take a Christmas miracle to fix Canada.