Norway is a tragic tale of Government Stupidity

Add Norway to the list of countries experiencing unexplained excess mortality.  There are so many Norwegians dying right now that they are running out of morgue space.  The families of dead should be outraged.  These deaths were caused by Government.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have discussed Norway before.  Norwegians have the best vitamin D levels in the world thanks to their fish heavy diets.  No country consumes more fish than Norway.  Thanks to their high vitamin D levels Norway had zero problems with COVID.  Norway even employed fewer restrictions than Sweden and sailed through the first wave of COVID with no excess deaths.  Norway did not start having excess deaths until September of 2021.

So what did happen in September 2021?  If you guessed this had something to do with the vaccines you would be correct.  Norway started giving COVID boosters in September 2021 and immediately people started dying.

For some unexplainable reason Norway choose not only to vaccinate but also boost for a disease that was not killing any Norwegians.  COVID was not a problem in Norway until the Norwegian government made it a problem.  Incredibly more than 80% of all the COVID deaths in Norway have happened since the boosters.

COVID vaccines cause people to get infected and die from COVID but not all of the excess deaths in Norway are COVID.  Now that Norwegians have been injected multiple times they are suffering from a host of different Maladies.


As Susanne Heart points out no one has refuted any research linking the COVID vax to serious adverse events and death.  Yet, the Mantra is still that the risks are outweighed by the rewards.  What rewards?  Is dying from COVID supposed to be some sort of reward?  People with proper vitamin D levels do not die of COVID unless they get jabbed.  No one has refuted any links between the jabs and adverse events because they can’t.  The data is overwhelming.  The best way to die of COVID is to keep getting jabbed.  In fact the best way to die period is to keep getting jabbed.