The Origins of Liberal Politics

I saw this article just before Christmas.  It is the second article I have seen in December about behavioral changes or brain damage from mRNA injections.  I have not seen any published research on this but I find it frighteningly plausible.  Science has already established 2 things that should make everyone worry about brain damage following an mRNA injection.

  1. Lipid Nano-particles do not stay in the injection site. They can, and do, go anywhere including crossing the blood-brain barrier.
  2. Spike Protein production has the potential to damage almost every organ in the body.

Why would the Brain be any different?  Science has yet to discover an organ that benefits from spike protein exposure.

To be clear no one has yet discovered a link between the jabs and brain damage but the conditions certainly exist to make it possible.  It would however, explain the strange thought process of people who take multiple injections, get sick anyway, and then thank the injections that did not prevent the infection.

Just because something is plausible does not mean that it is true.  I would not be a good scientist if I did not consider all possible explanations for the muddled thinking of the serially jabbed.  Any time you investigate health issues you cannot ignore the effect of human behavior.  The more jabs you take the higher the likelihood that you are a liberal.  The irrational behavior that has been observed could be completely unrelated to the jabs.

Still I think we should invoke the precautionary principle.  If the Jabs can produce brain damage they should be stopped.  We don’t need any more Trudeau voters.