Quebec really needs a new song sheet to sing from

Quebec iis closing businesses again.

The Quebec public is being told that the restrictions are only necessary for 28 days.  Do the politicians really think anyone will believe that?  Restrictions were first put in place in Quebec on March 24th  for “14 days to flatten the curve”  6 months later some of those restrictions still exist.  If 14 days meant more than 6 months how long will 28 days be?  Here is why Quebec is in a panic.

It is really hard to see a problem cases are going up, but deaths are not.  Quebec like most places has been ramping up their testing dramatically.  Unlike Alberta though, not all of Quebec’s increased cases are just the increased testing.  Here are their testing numbers.

Most of the new infections are just due to increased testing but some are real, the daily % positive has been increasing but not as dramatically as it jumped in March.  Quebec has also seen a 30% increase in ICU Hospitalizations in the last week; .0005% of Quebecers are now in the ICU with covid.  Quebec is concerned that no one is really dying and 99.9995% of all residents are not in the ICU with covid.  I don’t know about you, but I am finding it really hard to get scared of those numbers.  I can understand that, even though the ICU numbers are still very low, a 30% increase while % positives are also increasing could be cause for concern, but why is the answer another lock down?  Have another look at the top plot, almost of Quebec’s infections and deaths happened during the first lock down.  There is no reason to believe that the first lockdown affected the viruses spread in any way.  Lockdowns are a blunt tool that have been highly ineffective against an airborne virus while inflicting serious hardship on millions of people.  Quebec is trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer, again.  By the time they kill the fly they won’t have a house left.  I guess that does not concern them because they just assume that if they destroy their house Alberta will just buy them a new one.

Increasing infections without increasing deaths is exactly what you want to happen.  The best-case scenario is for the virus to work its way through the healthy population before winter hits season hits.  Once winter arrives vitamin D levels go down, people’s immune systems wane, and people stay inside where the virus thrives.  You want your low risk population exposed now before cold and flu season hits.  The quicker the low risk population gets exposed to the virus the quicker the threat to high risk individuals disappears.  Once again the politicians are doing all the wrong things.  In 6 months, we have not learned a damn thing.  What Quebec is doing made absolutely no sense to me until I found out this guy was developing their plans for them

Now it all makes sense.