Trump and the Politics of Covid

After Donald Trump fell ill with Covid things looked very good for the democrats.  The democrats desperately wanted Covid to be the primary election issue.  The left wing and their corrupt cohorts in the media have convinced people that you can control a virus by hiding from it and dragging people off the street to test them for it.  After you accomplish that the next step is easy.  You convince people that the only reason anyone died from Covid was because Donald Trump did not hide or test enough.  To them their argument was strong; Joe Biden has done nothing but hide and he does not have it.  5 days later Covid might now be the last nail in Joe Biden’s election coffin.

The Democrats and the left in general love to repeat the mantra that if you don’t socially distance, wear masks, test, and keep people unemployed then you are not following the science.  The lunatic left maintains that if everyone would just do this then no one would ever die again.  That sound very scientific doesn’t it?  We have discussed all these things previously but since the lunatic left does not want to let go of them let’s go back to them all one more time.

The Idea of stemming a viral outbreak by social distancing comes from a high school science project, that alone should have been enough for us to abandon the idea.  There might have been some rational for this if this virus was a close contact virus, but it obviously is not.  The main transmission method of Covid 19 must be by aerosols.  If this virus were not airborne there is no way it would have spread so widely so quickly.  Close contact viruses infect thousands of people.  Airborne virus infects millions of people, as of October 13th over 38 million people have tested positive for Covid.  The is no way this virus is not airborne and 6 feet means nothing when the HVAC system can carry it anywhere in the building.

Masks are like a talisman for the left.  Since Donald Trump tested postive I cannot count the number of times a dishonest journalist (are there any other kind?) has told me that if Donald Trump wore a mask, he would not be sick right now.  This ignores the fact that millions of people around the world who wore masks have already been infected.  Masks have not done anything to stop the spread of the virus anywhere they have been mandated.  That is hardly surprising for an airborne virus.  Even an N95 mask cannot filter 100% of the virus out.  Wearing anything coarser than that is like trying to keep mosquitos out with a chain link fence.  In Laboratory testing some cloth masks made things worse.  If an infected person coughed or sneezed some fabrics sheared the droplets making them smaller.  This makes it easier for the virus to become airborne.  Wearing the wrong cloth mask help the spread of the virus.  The left and dishonest bureaucrats like the CDC director want you to believe that masks are an iron clad guarantee against infection but when Donald trump took a car ride with a bunch of masks wearing secret service agents, the left lost their mind.  Why?  Wasn’t everyone perfectly safe with their masks?

Billions of dollars are being spent around the world on testing right now.  The companies that produce the test kits and the labs that process them are making out like bandits right now.  This has been a gravy train that these companies would not even have imagined 12 months ago.  Nearly ¼ Albertans and 1/5 of Canadians have already been tested.  The only reason most people had to believe that they were ill was their own fervent imagination.  What good does it do to confirm that most people do not have the virus?  One contributor put it to me well last week when he said, “Should I go get an x ray to confirm that my arm is not broken?”  President Trump and all the people who meet him get tested multiple times every week.  For the debate no one was let in the room without first testing negative.  Someone forgot to tell the Covid viruses that they are not allowed to come around people who are tested.  Testing is a diagnostic tool.  When you come to the hospital with “flu like symptoms” the doctor needs to know if you have influenza or Covid.  How he treats you depends on that.  Using a diagnostic tool as part of your virus protection plan is like using a sledgehammer to remove a lug nut.  Wrong tool, wrong application; it might work but you are probably not going to be happy with the end result.

Unemployment as a cure for a viral infection is the most curious part of this whole farce.  You can’t even find a high school science project to blame this on.  Long term effects of high unemployment are well established and none of them are good.  This is the most drastic measure that has been applied and it seems to be designed simply to fuel panic and increase misery.  Panic kills.  We have already documented how discouraging people from seeking medical treatment can have fatal consequences.  This is hardly surprising.  We should have expected it and yet it is just another thing that the media goes out of their way to ignore.  Donald Trump was released after only a few days of treatment the effects of a panic that keep people from going to the hospital are hard to ignore.  If an overweight 74-year-old can beat this with a few days of medical treatment we will have to question just how many Covid fatalities happened just because the victim was following instructions and staying home.  To date the majority of covid fatalities did not die in a hospital.

It looked like Donald Trump’s campaign took a hit it might not recover from.  His rapid recovery has laid bare the lie that the only way forward is to hide in our homes.  Donald Trump has been pilloried for worrying about the economy and trying to quell panic over Covid.  Now all the hair on fire experts look like the utter morons that they are.