The Real Viruses

A couple days ago Rant team member Chad sent me this

Tucker Carlson interviews a Chinese virologist who claims she can prove that the virus was manmade, and she believes the Chinese government released it on purpose.  I have read several sources that make the same claims.  I have not commented on them for a couple reasons.  The first is that I lack the expertise to determine if this could be true.  In these rants I have often drawn parallels between the science behind global warming and the science behind Covid.  Global warming is a problem of thermodynamics and heat transfer; 2 things I use every day at work and 2 of the highest marks I received in University so I am quite comfortable telling you Anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming is a steaming pile of horse manure.  With Covid I am not a virologist, but I can see when the “experts” are obviously ignoring pertinent data and definitely not using the scientific method.  If you are not using the scientific method, you are not doing science; it is that simple.  From this short interview I can make no judgement on the quality of her science.  I refuse to believe because of her credentials.  That is a game the global warming charlatans play; because I have a PHD you must obey me.  Frankly I think the people who granted PHDs to some of those idiots must be rolling in their graves.

The second reason is that in some respects it really does not matter.  I think the evidence is clear that it did not come from the wet market.  They were not able to trace all of the original cases to the market and they have now found the virus in sewage samples in Europe and the US that date to early November before the virus supposedly originated from the market.  You read that correctly, someone tested sewage samples.  Real science is not glamorous work.  Fake scientist fly to conferences in Rio and Copenhagen where they rub elbows with politicians and celebrities.  Real scientists sift through sewage.  Despite my love of science, I have to admit the only time I have ever had to deal with sewage was when my father needed help at work; he was, among other things, a plumber.  I say the origins of the virus do not matter because the virus is not the problem; Politicians and Bureaucrats are.  Politicians and Bureaucrats are an entirely different form of virus.  One that replicates far more often and is far more deadly.

Even though I think our political infection is the more serious problem I want to take a minute to comment on whether the virus is man-made and what the implications are.  The virus could be man-made.  It is not shocking that the communist government of China would try to weaponize a virus.  As we have discussed in previous rants governments, especially left-wing governments, have little regard for human life and are responsible for the largest atrocities in history.  There are several sources claiming that this virus was a weapon.  There is no doubt that the entire world has been negatively affected.  The virus has been enormously effective in getting politicians to do enormously stupid things; but how can you count on that?  I mean in a general sense you can count on politicians to do stupid things.  After all these are people who possess no marketable job skills, have marginal intelligence at best, and are clearly sociopaths.  Despite my low opinion of politicians, even I did not think that the stupidity could have been ramped up to what we have seen over the last 6 months.  It seems odd to me to build a weapon that would be ineffective if politicians did not go out of their way to one up the most stupid thing they have on their resume.

Covid on its own is not much of a weapon.  Some people have died but as we have shown the numbers of deaths are, in some places like Alberta, not even outside the bounds of normal.  The people who it has killed are also not much of a military target.  All over the world the average age of a covid fatality is over 80 and ill.  Not many sick octogenarians  pick up rifles and charge in to battle.  If I was going to design a virus as a weapon I would make it selective to military age men and Children; the 2 groups that have zero risk of dying from Covid.  Military age men are obvious, hard to shoot a gun or guide a missile when you are dead.  Children because it upsets society and pulls military age men off the battlefield as they morn their Children. 

Does this mean a sick 80-year-old has no value?  No of course not; It is just that no one finds the death of a sick 80-year-old particularly shocking.  In Alberta 70 people die every day; 75% of them are over 75.  No one is surprised when someone over 75 dies, especially when they were in ill health.  I have already buried my Father, Father in Law, and my Mother.  They were all in ill health and I watched them all slowly deteriorate.  It was sad but not shocking when each of them died. I morn, I move on.  In contrast I don’t know how I could move on if I had to bury one of my children.  It is a very poor weapon that kills only those who pose no threat and were expected to die anyway.

It is not shocking that ill Seniors die of Covid.  It is shocking how the government has treated their family.  My father drew his last breath holding my hand.  My father in-law was the second-best man I have ever known.  Hours before his death I shook his hand and said goodbye.  My Mothers last lucid moment was to wake up, smile, and say hello to me.  If covid had been the final straw for any of them I would not have been upset the Chinese had released the virus; I would have been upset that Jason, Justin, Deena, and Theresa would not have let me in the room, let alone touch them, for my final moment with them.  Viruses are a very manageable problem.  The infection we need to get rid of is politicians and bureaucrats.

Remember that at the next election.  Remember how these cold, Callous, sons of B%$ches would not let family be with ill seniors when they died.  If you have any rage left then worry about the Chinese communists.

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  1. Brent Morrison
    Brent Morrison says:

    I have been 101% positive that this was a scamdenic right from the start. Not that it matters, but I firmly believe the ‘conspiracy’ version that this virus was natural, then was tinkered with by scientists at the Wuhan lab, and then was intentionally released at the World Military Games, which were in, ta da, Wuhan, back in October of 2019. Perfect spread mechanism, military people going back to their home nations all over the globe. Why do I REALLY believe this? Because I believe my daughter and I both HAD IT last fall. For over a month, we were sick with headaches, body aches, and lung issues like coughs and pressure and shortness of breath. Our Dr seemed confused, and eventually treated us for ‘viral pneumonia’. Five days later, after the course of pills he prescribed, we were even worse. It eventually just seemed to run it’s course, thankfully, since I have lung issues due to lifelong smoking, and my daughter has asthma. At that time, I noticed a few news stories about younger people dying of ‘viral pneumonia’. One was an actor in his 40s I think, didn’t pay much attention but I did mention it to other family members how it seemed pneumonia was suddenly killing people all over the place. As the scam slowly developed, I immediately started seeing obvious correlations between what we had and this ‘new’ virus. I have now seen numerous videos and articles about people proving this virus was all over the globe long before March 2020, but not on the mainstream media of course. No, it’s ‘misinformation’ to say this, right? I hope someone, someday pays for this. I KNOW Bill Gates and his pet Fauci are somehow involved. I actually believe the ‘civil rights’ chaos happening now is also part of the overall plan, so yes, I AM a ‘conspiracy theorist’, and gladly admit to it. I may not be ‘educated’ like many of the leftist traitors out there are, but I see that as an advantage. I use common sense and lots of reading and researching instead of a useless diploma to back my beliefs. Keep up the good fight Richard. Many of us are behind you all the way on this. Do not trust the swamp though. they WILL try to shut you up.

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