How to Benefit from a Fake Pandemic

2 days ago, Rant team member Trevor asked the question what was Ontario afraid of?  The Covid numbers were certainly nothing to be afraid of.  Ontario did have some people die from Covid but it is over now and if they would simply stop testing they could get back to normal.  So why don’t they?  Well I have discovered what Ontario is afraid of or more specifically what Doug Ford is afraid of.  Doug Ford is afraid that people might realize that Covid is over.  He might go back to being judged on something other than his response to a fake pandemic.  That would be disastrous for him.  For Doug Ford the fear is real and intense.  See his approval ratings below.

We have discussed this before for some strange reason most Canadians love being abused.  We are a nation of masochists.  British Columbia has also re-instated some restrictions unfortunately for the same reason.  Here are John Horgan’s approval ratings.

Some of the rant team are British Columbians and I have been very Alberta centric.  I decided it was high time that I took a closer look at BC especially since one of our BC rant team members is the niece of a former Jujitsu instructor.  Ignoring BC any longer might be perilous to my health.  I am glad that I looked at BC because something very curious came out of it.  Here are the weekly deaths in BC from Stats can.

BC had a spike in deaths that at first glance I attributed to Covid until I looked at the dates.  The peak week for deaths in BC for 2020 ended March 21st.  BC did not record their first Covid related death until March 20th.  By March 21st BC had only 10 Covid related deaths.  Deaths in BC started falling just as Covid related deaths started to appear.  Deaths continued to fall through the whole Covid Pandemic.  British Columbia’s deaths peaked the week before Covid hit.  That is so incredibly bizarre it has to be repeated.  British Columbia’s deaths peaked the week before Covid hit. 

The people of BC are in love with John Horgan for shutting down the province over something that was not as bad as whatever it was that came before it.  Just when you thought that this covid nonsense could not get any weirder along comes the left coast.

In Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, mister all hat no cattle has been very quiet lately.  He has been very content to let the 2 morons running the largest cities in the province to carry the Covid water for him.  There is a good reason for that.  It looks like Albertans have seen through the charade.  Mr. AHNC is still struggling to pull the golden egg out of the covid golden goose.  At this point he may as well cook the damn goose.  His approval ratings are below.

These approval ratings charts are from the polling group Angus Reid.  Their comments about Mr. AHNC’s sinking ratings are that Albertans are upset about his weak covid response because of the increasing cases.  It never occurs to the left-wing lunatics at Angus Reid that Albertans are smart enough to see through this and are just tired of Jason Kenney’s shit.

My rant yesterday sparked an offline debate with another rant team member.  I believe that every political decision can be rated on 2 scales: one for stupidity and one for pure evil.  When I look at the light weights currently running things at the provincial and federal level I tend to think most things in Canada are high on the stupidity scale and low on the evil scale simply because not a single one of them is smart enough to qualify as an evil genius.  Dr. Evil from the Austin power movies is a Rhodes Scholar compared to John Horgan, Jason Kenney, or Justin Trudeau.  In the grand Covid scheme of things politicians in Canada are nothing more than useful Idiots.  My debate partner disagreed he thinks they score much higher on the evil/conspiracy scale.  It is of course his right to disagree with his older, much wiser, brother.  You don’t need a conspiracy to keep this going as we have seen this has been a moment in the sun for some politicians and it has been very good for the people selling masks and covid tests.  They obviously have no desire to see this end.  The people furiously working towards a financially lucrative vaccine say prayers at night asking for more people to die.  You don’t need a conspiracy to keep this going you only need greed, an absence of empathy, and self-interest; there is plenty of that to go around.

Albertans have seen through the charade, but we are still willing sheep wandering aimlessly with masks on.  Thankfully, there are other places in the world that have not only noticed but they are doing something about it.  The Pennsylvanian courts have ruled that the lockdowns are unconstitutional.  See the article below.

The head judge wrote this in his judgment.

While those restrictions were “well-intentioned,” wrote U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV, “good intentions toward a laudable end are not alone enough to uphold governmental action against a constitutional challenge. Indeed, the greatest threats to our system of constitutional liberties may arise when the ends are laudable and the intent is good—especially in time of emergency.”

This is where the left always goes off the rails, they think that a program should be judged on its intent and not on its results.  If your intent is pure it does not matter that you killed innocent people.  This judge has reminded people that just because you did not intend to kill people does not change the fact that you did kill people.

Below is an article forwarded to me by rant team member Russ.  This journalist writes a good summary of Covid.  All of this the rant team discussed months ago but it is still good to see some journalists finally question what is going on.

This link below is a video of a mask protest that Happened in the US.  We need one of these in Calgary; why don’t we have anyone wanting to replace Nenshi organizing one?  The silence in Calgary over this does not bode well for our future.

Best of all the top prosecutor in the US is starting to get very vocal about what is going on.  See the article below.

Can we please make Bill Barr an honorary Canadian and park him on Trudeau’s door step?  It might take a few weeks to convince Bill that Canadians actually elected that idiot, after that I am sure he would get to work and prosecute some of the worst Covid offenders.  I would pay big money to get him to start with Jason Kenney.

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  1. JPMcQ
    JPMcQ says:

    I fully agree with your analysis Richard. One thing I have learned over the years, is politicians live and die by the polls. I just got home from B.C and it was obvious to me that Horgan called this “snap” election to take advantage of his current media generated popularity as a result of his “leadership” during the plandemic. The province was not ready for the election, as everyone I know that applied for mail in ballots received them late (blame on Canada Post), and the early voting station in the town I was at, clearly was not ready or organized well enough to handle the influx of voters. He had to capitalize now, because once British Columbians wake up he will pay a big price for this deception/stupidity. In the meantime they will be stuck with this mess for another 4 years.

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